Travel to Dernholm and approach Garrick Stout, the captain of the guard.

He fought with Adkin Chambers, the Dodge master, for the love of Lady Druella. In the duel he blinded Adkin and subsequently the dear lady has become distraught. She has been surrounded by Gyr-Dylour, which feed on her negative emotions. You must rescue her and talk her into marrying him (he offers to heal Adkin’s blindness if she agrees).

Going to the Lair Of Gyr-Dolours, you must kill all the creatures and talk to her. You can convince her to marry Garrick and tell her that you will rescue her from him after she agrees. Returning to Derholm, she agrees to marry Garrick. He will then train you. You can abandon Lady Druella to her fate or kill Sir Garrick, return with the news to Stillwater and heal Adkin and give him the news. He will then train you as the Dodge Master.

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