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" Druella was mine! He knew it . . . that's why he wanted her for himself! Stout and I had always been at odds with one another. But then he challenged me to a duel for her hand. I was infuriated! The pompous pig! Proud I was, so I accepted, even against her protests. Little did I know how truly obsessed with Druella he had become."
-A discussion with Adkin Chambers

The Adkin Chambers and Sir Garrick Stout saga is a tragic Type 4 Love Triangle between the lovers Lady Druella and Adkin Chambers, with the unwanted suitor Sir Garrick Stout vying for the Lady's hand.


  • Dodge Master Adkin Chambers and Lady Druella the Fair were involved in a romantic relationship
  • Melee Master and Captain of the Dernholm Guard Sir Garret Stout desired the Lady for himself, and challenged Chambers to a duel for her hand
  • Against His Lady's wishes, and considering himself to be Stout's equal in combat, Chambers accepted
  • Chambers lost the duel and was left in a defenseless position
  • However when Chambers refused to acknowledge Stout's superiority, Stout viciously blinded him by slashing Chambers' eyes with his sword
  • Lady Druella fled the scene, and took refuge nearby at A Lair of Gyr Dolours in a pain-free delirium
  • Adkin Chambers went into hiding in the town of Stillwater, becoming a bitter recluse and obsessing about revenge on Stout
  • Garrick Stout remained in Dernholm, still seeking a way to woo and claim Druella

Path 1, Dodge Mastery only[]

This path is for players who only desire Dodge Mastery and will NEVER want Melee Mastery

  • Obtain Dodge Expert training from either Hekmer Oggdoddler in Black Root or Winde in Qintarra
  • Seek out Adkin Chambers in Stillwater
  • Accept Chambers' quest to Kill Sir Garrick Stout and bring back Stout's eyes
  • Go to Dernholm and complete the task
  • Return to Stillwater: your reward is Master Training and 8,500 xp
  • Notes:
    • This botches ANY attempt for the Melee Mastery quest in the future
    • If Stout is killed previous to this, then Chambers will accept your word and train you if you are high enough rank

Path 2, Melee Mastery only[]

This path is for players who only desire Melee Mastery. However they may still obtain Dodge Mastery later (see path 3)

  • Seek out Sir Garrick Stout in Dernholm
  • Accept his quest to Find Lady Druella with an offer of marriage and return her to Dernholm
  • The offer comes with a bribe of a potion to restore the sight of the blinded Adkin Chambers
  • Go to the Gyr Dolours' lair which Stout marked on your map
  • Rescue Lady Druella without her being killed
  • You can convince Druella to return if you tell her (lie or the truth) that you will kill Stout as soon as he provides the Potion
  • Return to Dernholm and present Druella to Stout
  • Stout will then give Druella the Potion; and your reward is Master Training and 8,500 xp

Path 2, optional continuation[]

This path continues if you accept Lady Druella's Quest

Path 3, Dodge and Melee Mastery Together[]

This path is complicated because there are many way to complete it


  • If you are only ready for Melee Master Training, then take Path 2
  • Follow it to completion, including the optional Lady Druella Quest
  • When your are ready for Dodge training, seek out Adkin Chambers in Roseborough
  • He will great you warmly and perform your training


  • If you are ready for both Melee and Dodge training, then you can start with either Path 1 or Path 2.
  • If you start with Path 2, then just take it to the end
  • When you get to Stillwater, get your Dodge Training right after you deliver Druella's potion to Chambers


  • If you start with Path 1, then just pause it when you meet Stout
  • Start Path 2, and follow it to completion, including the optional Lady Druella Quest
  • When Garrick Stout is killed, take Druells'a potion and Stout's eyes back to Chambers in Stillwater for your rewards


This is an amalgam of the three following quests:

  • 81 Adkin Chambers: Kill Sir Garrick Stout, Melee Master, and bring eyes as proof. (Reward: Master Dodge Training, a ring, 8500 XP.) p. 219
  • 40 Sir Garrick Stout: Find Lady Druella, get her to agree to marry him, and return her to him. (Reward: Master Melee Training, 8500 XP.) p. 212
  • 41 Lady Druella: Take healing potion to Adkin Chambers and tell him Lady Druella’s location. (Prereq: accepted Q40. Reward: 6400 XP.) p. 212