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Banishments chronology according to Aracheon:

  • c.a. 3 000 years before the Maxim's blimp crash
    • Elven Council established
    • The Book of the Twelve Powers written by Mazzerin - according to A. Buxington, "The Pagan Gods of Arcanum"
  • Gorgoth banished
  • Dragon Bellerogrim poisoned by Kraka-tur
  • Kraka-tur banished
  • army of nomadic people exterminated all inhabitants of Kree
  • Nasrudin battled the Bane of Kree in the Dead Hollows
  • Bane of Kree banished
  • Kerghan discovered necromancy and established Derian Ka order
  • Kerghan the Terrible was banished to the Void for the use and proliferation of necromancy
  • c.a. 2 000 years before the Maxim's blimp crash
    • Arronax destroyed Vendigroth
    • Elven Council disbanded
    • Battle of Black Spire
    • Arronax banished - the last banishment to the Void during the Age of Legends


  • The demon Gorgoth roamed the countryside, devouring whole villages, including one of halflings.
  • Kraka-Tur wrote final testament within his journal as he is trapped by the Elven Council in the Lair of Bellerogrim. He killed that dragon to assume his draconic form.
  • Torien Kel is a warlord of Grey Legions of Derian-Ka. After 500 years of service Molochaen Hand - an order of assasins - split off from the Grey Legions of Derien-Ka over ideological differences regarding necromancy. They proceed to war with the Grey Legions. Both sides were almost destroyed.
  • Bane of Kree knew where in the Void was incredibly powerful arcane weapon known as Kryggird's Falchion