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Alcohol is considered a Food that can be found in various forms and can be used for various purposes.


  • Absinthe is sold by General Stores and the Black Market.
  • Wine is sold by General Store Clerks and Herbalists.
  • Generic Drinks are sold at pubs and are consumed on the spot.


  • Absinthe and Wine can be used to placate unhappy Followers
  • Wine can be used as a component in some Technological Schematics
  • All alcohol can be use to temporarily alter player and follower Statistics


  • Each drink or use of alcoholic beverages temporarily cause:
    • +1 to ST and CN
    • -1 to DX and PE
    • -2 to CH
    • -3 to IN
  • These affects are stackable until a Stat reaches 1.
  • Note that when a player's IN reaches 4 or below they will lapse into Dumb Dialogue.


  • Chateau de Be'ron Brandy is listed in the Official Strategy Guide but it was not added into the final version of the game.