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Mazzerin's Mystery

While traveling around Arcanum, you'll no doubt find several altars to the ancient gods of the world. If you talk to Aldous T. Buxington at the university in Tarant, he'll give you some clues about what the altars can do. In particular, he'll give you a book describing the gods and what you should offer them, and he'll have a painting called "Mazzerin's Mystery" hanging on his wall. The painting (shown above) gives you the relationships between the gods.

If you just go to an altar and give the correct offering, you'll get a blessing. The trick is to give the offerings in the correct order so you can accumulate blessings and eventually gain Velorien's (the All-Father's) blessing.

There are three circles of gods. When you give an offering to the greater god at the end of a circle, you'll lose all the other blessings from the lesser circles. And when you gain the blessing from Velorien, you'll lose the blessings from the greater gods. However, you don't have to continue making offerings if you don't want to. If you prefer the blessing you have to the one you would gain, then there's no reason to continue.

Lesser Gods[]

Each of the lesser gods worship a certain race. There are three types of lesser gods: Noble, Neutral and Evil. Unless you give the offerings in the correct order, you will have only one blessing active at a time.

The Noble Lesser Gods[]



Ter'el is the Elven God of Wisdom.

Location: A grove sacred to the elves at Falcon's Ache (1627W, 562S), near Qintarra.

Offering: A statue of Li'tani, which can be bought from the elven trader in Ashbury, as well as either Fawn of Ellumyn.

Warning: Technologists can't talk to the merchant so it's best to buy a statue at the beginning of the game. It is still possible to get it by breaking open the chest of the Ashbury merchant or via lockpicking, but this is obviously not optimal.

Reward: +4 Bow, +1 Perception.



Geshtianna is the Human Goddess of Love.

Location: The town of Stillwater (1190W, 754S).

Offering: When you arrive you will find that you cannot make an offering because the statue has been stolen. You need to complete the quest Find the Stolen Idol first. After completing the quest, you can offer a Passion Root, which is growing nearby.

Warning: Dumb characters (less than 5 IN) cannot receive the quest to retrieve the statue of the goddess. This means that making an offering (and following the Ancient Gods quest to completion) on a dumb character playthrough is impossible unless IN is boosted through Essence of Intellect or otherwise.

Reward: +1 Beauty.

The Neutral Lesser Gods[]


Alberich []

Alberich is the Dwarven God of Stone.

Location: Inside the Wheel Clan caves.

Offering: Lava Rock, which can be found in the Black Mountain Clan caves (1307W, 752S).

Reward: +1 Strength.



Makaal is the Bedokaan God of the Hunt.

Location: Bedokaan Village (1179W, 313S).

Offering: Requires Heartstone, which is lying nearby.

Warning: If you betray the Bedokaan lizards to the poachers, the altar will stop working.

Warning: Dumb characters (less than 5 IN) cannot receive the quest to rescue the lost elven hunter from Mr. Winde, meaning that the Bedokaan Village cannot be marked on the map by normal means.

Reward: +1 Dexterity.



Bolo is the Halfling God of Thieves.

Location: Bolo's Altar (1626W, 1636S), between Caladon and Roseborough.

Offering: Any type of ring.

Reward: +4 Pickpocket, +4 Pick Locks.



Kerlin is the Gnome God of Gold.

Location: Kerlin's Altar (881w, 424S), North from the Grey Mountains.

Offering: a Mnura Coin, usually found in dungeons and magic chests.

Reward: +4 Haggle, +4 Persuasion.

The Darker Lesser Gods[]



Shakar is the Orcish God of War.

Location: His altar is at Kree (635W, 1204S) - location can be found out from Taddeus Mynor, a representative at the Thieves Underground in Tarant.

Offering: Bone Dagger or Reaper's Axe

Reward: +4 Dodge, +4 Melee.



Torg is the Ogre God of Heart.

Location: Torg's Altar (1215W, 1139S), between Shrouded Hills and Tarant.

Offering: A regular ruby.

Reward: +1 Constitution.

Greater Gods[]

When you complete an offering to a greater god, you will lose the rewards from the lesser gods.



Halcyon is the God of Truth.

Location: Vooriden (871W, 1190S), but first you have to fix it, you get the quest from the priest.

Offering: Olive Tree Branch, located at a garden in the Wheel Clan caves.

Reward: +2 Willpower, +2 Perception, +4 Heal, +4 Spot Trap.



Moorindal is the God of Shadows.

Location: The Ancient Temple (776W, 919S).

Offering: Black Diamond.

Reward: +8 Backstab, +4 Melee, +10 Critical Hit Chance, +4 Prowling.



Kaitan is the God of Balance.

Location: Gorgoth's Pass (1500W, 1444S), in the mountains North-East from Roseborough.

Offering: Geode, which is lying under the altar.

Reward: +1 Beauty, +1 Charisma, +8 Persuasion, +4 Haggle, +4 Bow.


Velorien []

Velorien is the All-Father.

Location: Vendigroth Ruins (306W, 588S), on one of the lower levels.

Offering: Yourself. This results in your death, so make sure that you do not try this alone. Ensure that one of your followers has a resurrection device that they can use to revive you.

Reward: The ultimate blessing: +100 hit points, +100 fatigue, +12 melee, +12 dodge, +12 pickpocket, +12 firearms, +12 persuasion, +4 dexterity, +30 damage resistance, +30 magic resistance.(Bear in mind skills cap at 20, with each point in a skill equaling to 4 of the 20, meaning you only need 2 points given to each skill to max them with this blessing.)

Lesser Gods' blessings[]

You can get their blessings as you like, but only one can be active at a time. The only exception is when you begin a circle. Each blessing on that path will stack unless or until another offering is done out of order. Also all of the Lesser God's blessings will disappear when the circle is complete with the Greater God's blessing, which replaces them.

  • Alberich – Strength +1
  • Bolo – Pick Pocket +4, Pick Locks +4
  • Geshtianna – Beauty +1
  • Kerlin – Haggle +4, Persuasion +4
  • Makaal – Dexterity +1
  • Shakar – Melee +4, Dodge +4
  • Ter'el – Perception +1, Bow +4
  • Torg – Constitution +1

Greater Gods' blessings[]

You cannot get these blessings unless you're on the path to the ultimate blessing:

  • Halcyon – Willpower +2, Perception +2, Heal +4, Spot Trap +4
  • Kai'tan – Persuasion +8, Haggle +4, Bow +4, Charisma +1, Beauty +1
  • Moorindal – Backstab +8, Melee +4, Critical Hit Chance +10, Prowling +4

All-Father's blessing[]

  • Velorien – +100 hit points, +100 fatigue, +12 melee, +12 dodge, +12 pickpocket, +12 firearms, +12 persuasion, +4 dexterity, +30 damage resistance, +30 magic resistance

Offerings and their locations[]

  • Alberich – Lava Rock, found on the ground in various caves, such as Black Mountain Clan caves.
  • Bolo – Any type of ring, found almost everywhere.
  • Geshtianna – Passion Root, found on the ground nearby.
  • Halcyon – Olive Branch, found at the garden in Wheel Clan caves.
  • Kaitan – Geode, found in the various Dwarven mines.
  • Kerlin – Mnura Coin, found inside magical chests and dungeons.
  • Makaal – Heartstone, lying on the ground in Bedokaan Village.
  • Moorindal – Black Diamond, available at Black Markets, The Bangellian Deeps, Wheel Clan and Ancient Maze.
  • Shakar – Bone-handled Weapon, available at Weapon dealers & Gypsies, Caladon sewers and catacombs.
  • Ter'el – Li'tani, sold by the Elven Trader at Ashbury.
  • Torg – Ruby, found inside magical and regular chests.
  • Velorien – You.

Altar inscriptions[]

Ter'el's Altar Offer to him

Who cannot see
Nor hear
Your soul, made of trees.

Li’tani he seeks
To touch, to burn
For his eyes are dark
And his ears are blunt
And wasted.

Wisdom comes
To the bringer of gifts
And eyes that see far
From he
Who sees nothing.

Makaal's Altar Call not to the Snake-fathers

Unless you dream the cold-blood dream
Call only to the Snake Fathers
When you hear their voices of old.

Makaal seeks Heartstone
He runs with you, he hunts with you
Give Makaal his Heartstone
And swift as Makaal you will be.

Alberich's Altar Do you know of Dwarven Stone?

Is anything so true?
Not words nor ways of magick
Not sun, nor trees, nor sky of blue.

Oh Alberich, great god of Stone
The world lays on your spine
We who live within your heart
Seek now to know your mind.

We bring to you the pitted rocks
That once burned in your veins
And now we ask for Stone and strength
Until the end of days.

Geshtianna's Altar Geshtianna, we pray

That you show us your Love
Your face, like the newest  moon
Your spirit, as the whitest of doves.

We bring you this gift
The root with your name
For often it is that Love
And Passion are the same.

So bless us now, Oh goddess
With your beauty and your might
So that others might see in us
Your pure and precious light.

Halcyon's Altar Halcyon, great god of truth

Master of the sky
Reveal yourself now to us
Pull the veil from our eyes.

You father, the light
Your mother, the sun
And you, the path of truth
You, the only one.

With this branch of olive
Your endless wisdom I seek
Grant me now your power
Your sight, both long and deep.

Torg's Altar Great Torg, mighty Torg

You know our bone and blood
Great Torg, mighty Torg
Your fury like a flood.

Old Torg, Wise Torg
Your children lost their way
Old Torg, Wise Torg
Their hearts, the price is paid.

Great Torg, mighty Torg
I bring you rubies of red
Old Torg, Wise Torg
My heart is yours, until I’m dead.

Bolo's Altar Bolo, clever thief

Progo, watchful eye
Shadow, now here now gone
Arm, now here now gone

Bolo, face of pain
Progo, face of rage
Soul, now here now gone
Progo, now here now gone

Bolo, god of thieves
One-armed god of thieves
This ring, now here now gone
Your blessing, now here now here

Kerlin's Altar Kerlin, heart of gold

Who sung the world to be
You, great god of all things gold
We turn our eyes to thee.

Within the earth flow rivers
Of your precious words and songs
And now from these we make our coin
For what from you is wrong?

And now we give this coin to you
Let this small Mnura be
A reminder of you, Golden God
Help me know its worth and see.

Shakar's Altar Great Horned God

Terrible, powerful, Great Horned God
We shake before you, tremble before you
Great Horned God of Pain.

Fearsome Great Shakar
Angry, wrathful, Great Shakar
Handle of bone, blade of steel
Shakar Great God of Rage.

The Great Ram, Shakar
Fierce, awesome, mighty Shakar
Give me your blessing, your war-like ways
The Furious Ram, Shakar.

Moorindal's Altar Flows like a shadow

Over the ground
Dark eyes waiting, watching
Dark hands waiting, watching.

Aged, ancient Moorindal
God of the falling night
Shadows spill like blackest ink
Over all that’s new and bright.

Beautiful black diamond
Like your soul both dark and deep
Dark eyes waiting, watching
Dark hands waiting, watching.

Kai'tan's Altar She weighs your worth

Within her hands
Great goddess of the scale
She holds you
She sees you
She knows your every tale.

Kai’tan, I bow
And bring to you
This stone with heart of jewels
Weigh it now
Hold it now
Maiden, fair and cruel.

Velorien's Altar All gods have a father

And he watches over them
His children call
His children, all
He holds them all as gems.

But Velorien is hard and old
And his ways are set in stone
He has all
And expects all
With your life you will atone.

But beware what you give
If his children you don’t know
Velorien takes all
And Velorien returns all
And his power he’ll bestow.

The path to the All-Father's blessing[]

In order to achieve the ultimate blessing, give the listed offerings in this order:

Order Location Coordinates Offering Effect
Ter'el Falcon's Ache 1627, 564 Li'tani PE +1, Bow +4
Makaal Bedokaan Village 1180, 313 Heartstone DX +1
Alberich Wheel Clan 954, 667 Lava Rock ST +1
Geshtianna Stillwater 1190, 753 Passion Root BE +1
Halcyon Vooriden 868, 1191 Olive Branch WP +2, PE +2, Heal +4, Spot Trap +4
Torg Torg's Altar 1214, 1137 Ruby (any) CN +1
Bolo Bolo's Altar 1627, 1635 Ring (any) Pick Pocket +4, Pick Locks +4
Kerlin Kerlin's Altar 882, 423 Mnura Coin Haggle +4, Persuasion +4
Shakar Kree 635, 1204 Bone Dagger or Reaper's Axe Melee +4, Dodge +4
Moorindal Ancient Temple 776, 919 Black Diamond Backstab +8, Melee +4, Critical Hit Chance +10, Prowling +4
Alberich (2nd time) Wheel Clan - Lava Rock ST +1
Makaal (2nd time) Bedokaan Village - Heartstone DX +1
Kerlin (2nd time) Kerlin's Altar - Mnura Coin Haggle +4, Persuasion +4
Bolo (2nd time) Bolo's Altar - Ring (any) Pick Pocket +4, Pick Locks +4
Kai'tan Gorgoth Pass 1500, 1442 Geode Persuasion +8, Haggle +4, Bow +4, CH +1, BE +1
Velorien Vendigroth Ruins 307, 587 your life HP +100, FT +100, Melee +12, Dodge +12, Pick Pocket +12, Firearms +12, Persuasion +12, DX +4, DR +30, MR +30

NOTE: It's useful to know that each skill can range from 0 to 20. That would mean that getting +12 Melee from Velorien's Blessing would give you 12 out of 20 possible points in that skill. Whenever you raise a skill manually (with Character Points) you generally raise it +4. The algorithm is slightly more complex - you can find it on the Skills page.

NOTE: Offerings needed are 1 Li'tani, 2 Heartstone, 2 Lava Rock, 1 Passion Root, 1 Olive Branch, 1 Ruby, 2 Ring, 2 Mnura Coin, 1 Bone Dagger or Reaper's Axe, 1 Black Diamond, 1 Geode

Where to find each offering[]

Offering Location God: Description
Li'tani Ashbury Ter'el Sold by the Elven trader near the Asbury docks TA must be 65 or under
2x Heartstone Bedokaan Village Makaal There are five in a rough semi-circle along the northwest perimeter of the village
2x Lava rock Dwarven Mines Alberich Several can be found in the Black Mountain Clan mines and in the Wheel Clan dredge
Passion Root Stillwater Geshtianna There is one in the courtyard of the alter. Others can be found in the Glimmering Forest
Olive Branch Wheel Clan Garden Halcyon The garden is on the second level just south of the shops. The Olive Tree is in the back room of the Garden.
Ruby (any) Random Chests and Shops Torg Gems and rings can be found as loot throughout the continent
2x Ring (any) Random Chests, shops, and encounters Bolo Rings can be found everywhere throughout the continent
2x Mnura Coin Random chests and shops Kerlin The coins can be found as loot and in various shops
Bone Handled Weapon Random encounters and Wise Women Shakar Reaper's Axe are sold by Wise Woman at the edge of some towns. Bone daggers can be found on monsters in the sealed sewers of Caladon, and an encounter along the rail line in Black Root
Black Diamond Random chests and shops Moorindal Several can be found in The Bangellian Deeps. Also sold at the Black Market shops.
Geode Random loot and some shops Kai'tan They are found in all Dwarven mines, and some shops. There is also one near the alter in Gorgoth Pass
You Life Vendigroth Ruins Velorien Be sure to have a follower with a suitable means of resurrection


The Lesser Gods can inflict a curse upon the player character under certain circumstances. Here is an example of how this can occur and some variations that can happen based on what the character does after receiving the curse. This case assumes that the character has made no offerings beforehand.

  1. The character makes an offering to Ter'el, receiving +1 PE, +4 Bow.
  2. The character makes an offering to Bolo. Because Bolo is the god "opposite" to Ter'el, the character receives Ter'el's curse (-1 PE, -4 Bow). Ter'el's blessing will be removed, and Bolo's blessing will not be received.
  3. The character makes another offering to Bolo. Ter'el's curse will not be removed, but Bolo's blessing will now be received (+4 Pick Pocket, +4 Pick Locks).
  4. The character makes an offering to Ter'el. Ter'el's curse gets removed, and Bolo's blessing stays.
  5. The character makes another offering to Ter'el. One would expect that Bolo's curse is given at this point rather than the blessing of Ter'el, but this does not happen. Instead, they receive Ter'el's blessing, and Bolo's blessing is simply removed.

It can be hard to tell which god is "opposite" to which without experimentation.

  • Geshtianna opposes Kerlin
  • Ter'el opposes Bolo
  • Alberich opposes Shakar
  • Makaal opposes Torg

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