1 - Altar to Moorindal  This is one of the altars involved in the Ancient Gods quest. 

2 - Arcane Chest  This chest contains the Torian Kel key

3 - Magick Chest  This chest contains the library key

4 - Torian Kel  He'll ask you to bring him blood from a dragon, and he'll mark the Dungeon of the Dragon Pool on your world map. When you retrieve the blood for him, he'll tell you to use it on him. So either drag the blood to one of your quick slots, or drag it to the hand icon on your inventory screen, and then click on Torian Kel. He'll revert to human form. 

Now you can talk to him and learn a few things: that Torian Kel was a Warlord of the Gray Legions of the Derian-Ka, that the Derian-Ka was a group of disciples of the necromancer Kerghan, and that the Molochean Hand was a part of the Derian-Ka before splintering off. 

If you want him to, and if you're evil, Torian Kel will join your party. He's an evil fighter. 

5 - Library  After you defeat the baddies inside, be sure to loot the arcane chest next to the tables.


A. Exit back to the world map.


  • Bone Butcher
  • Foul Spirit
  • Gore Guard
  • Greater Skeleton
  • Lesser Skeleton
  • Muck Walker
  • Putrid Walker
  • Spider
  • Tattered Bowman