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The Ancient Temple (also known as the Temple of the Derian-Ka) is located at 776W 919S, and is marked on the player's map after hearing the final rumor from any citizen of Ashbury about its general location and nature.

The Temple is notable for being the location of the Alter of Moorindal, and for being the home of the decaying form of Torian Kel. If Geoffrey_Tarellond-Ashe is with you then he can provide additional exposition regarding the Ancient Temple's connection to Kerghan and the Derian-Ka.



1 - Altar to Moorindal[]

This is one of the altars involved in the Ancient Gods quest.

2 - Arcane Chest[]

This chest contains the Torian Kel key.

3 - Magick Chest[]

This chest contains the library key.

4 - Torian Kel[]

  • Torian Kel initially appears as a crumbling Skeleton
  • If you talk to him instead of attacking him, then he'll ask you to bring him blood from a dragon, and he'll mark the Dungeon of the Dragon Pool on your world map
  • If you accept and complete his quest in a timely manner, then he will revert to Human form and may offer to join you as a Follower
  • Note that the other skeletons in the area are hostile towards him whatever is form, and they will attack him if the get the chance (especially the archers through the door)

5 - Library[]

Contains an Arcane Chest.

A - Exits[]

Entrance and Exit from and to the world map.

Notable loot[]

Chill Shield - in library arcane chest