Armor class (AC) is a secondary stat that measures how likely a character is to be struck during combat. In most older games that have armor class (e.g. Baldur's Gate, Planescape: Torment, etc), it is better for AC to be lower. This is not the case in Arcanum: the higher a character's armor class is, the better.

A character's armor class is determined by their dexterity. The highest AC possible is 95.

Increasing AC Edit

Armor class can be increased a few ways:

  • Investing level-up points into dexterity (+1 point of AC per each point of Dexterity if Dex>10, for Dex=1 it is -9 AC).
  • With equipment: shields, boots, armor, weapons, necklaces, etc.
  • Spell Blur Sight increases Armor Class of a caster by 60 (flat bonus), NOT affected by Aptitude (tested in Tarant with 18 TA and Roseborough with 22 MA), even 100+ Tech. character can cast it (tested!) 
  • Spell Shield of Protection increases Armor Class by 10 in same way as bonus from Dexterity and adds additional 10 to the stat in Armor Class, for a total +20. NOT affected by Aptitude (tested on 100+ TA), Note: This spell also adds Damage, Fire and Electric Resistances, which ARE affected by caster's Aptitude.
According to ingame description of Blur Sight spell and some testing in game, Armor Class affects chance to get hit. Character with AC 95 put against Guard in Black Root with 125% base accuracy (game difficulty setting has no effect on it, it could only affect the player's accuracy, not even the group) and 20/20 in Melee was able to land a hit ~60% of the times, but then having 20/20 in Dodge (Expert), which rolls additionally after hit roll, more than half of those hits were dodged, about half with 12/20 in Dodge. In same test AC 65 resulted in ~80-90% times getting hit, and AC 35 resulted in ~100% times getting hit.
Evaluating the tests, Armor Class plays half the role of landing a hit, as long as attacker has ~100% accuracy, put against 95 AC object it will land 50% hits successfully, for each -10 AC or +10 accuracy this chance would change by 5.

*Need more information on exactly how AC works in Arcanum and what it affects, preferably with in-game testing and info from manual (NOT directly copied verbatim).

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