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"Being that I am trapped in here, my opportunities to get information are, shall we say, a bit limited. On the rare occasion Kerghan has deigned to visit me to play his intellectual games, he has dropped some veiled clues that might make sense in light of what you have told me. If I had to hazard a guess, I would say Kerghan is impersonating me.”
-A conversation with Arronax


Arronax can be found in his prison in the sub level of Island 2 in The Void.

Circumstances and Quests[]

  • If the player chats with Arronax, then they will find that he has been imprisoned since his banishment
  • The player also discovers that he has not been involved in any events outside of The Void since that time
  • The one who imprisoned Arronax is Kerghan
  • Kerghan has also has been impersonating Arronax to the Dark Elves and the player
  • The player can also discuss with Arronax his past, The Void, and several other topics
  • These discussions can lead to two quests:


Arronax will join as a Regular Follower provided the player frees him from his prison

Special Follower Considerations[]

  • Arronax will not equip anything in the Torso or Shield slot
  • The only weapon that he will use is a Staff


  • Arronax will continue to answer questions about his past, The Void, and Kerghan
  • He will interact with the following characters:

Levelling Scheme[]

Arronax does not have a leveling scheme. He is an expert in Melee and Dodge (3 full ranks each). He also specializes in the colleges of Fire (3 spells) and Force (4 spells).



Arronax is the son of Nasrudin, and lived during the Age of Legends. Due to this familial relationship he was given deferential treatment and offered a seat on the Elven Council. Arronax's magickal power grew, his philosophy began to diverge from that of the council. He felt that rather than guide the other Races of Arcanum, the Elves (and the council in particular) should lead and rule them. This came to a head in his over zealous investigation and prosecution of Kerghan's misuse of necromancy.

The Elven Council, lead by his own father Nasrudin, finally took action after Arronax unilaterally wiped out the entire Human province of Vendigroth, killing mostly everyone and rendering the area a desolate wasteland. For his crime of genocide Arronax became the last of the five recorded individuals banished to The Void. But he did not go down without a fight, as he and his followers killed most of the council during the battle to banishment him near the Black Spire and the Ring of Brodgar near modern day Roseborough.

Due to the nature of his crime and banishment, and entire mythos and religion has been built around him and his father. All Panarii temples tell of it, and the story is still woven into the fabric of society nearly two millennia on.


Arronax is meant to be an Elf, but he is functionally Human as stated on his character sheet