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The Backstabbing Skill allows a character to score extra damage when using a rear attack with a dagger, and later with swords and axes. Backstab level is dependent upon Dexterity (DX).


  • Backstab Apprentice: A successful rear attack upon an unaware opponent will bypass his armor


  • Adds extra damage (sometimes massively) to certain Melee attacks (see below)

Modifiers to Backstab[]

  • Races
    • None
  • Backgrounds
    • None


  • Backstab relies upon a Melee strike with an edged weapon (see training)
  • The attack must be from the tile immediately behind the target
  • If the target is also either stunned or unaware, then the bonus damage is increased
    • If Melee fails, then no damage is done
    • If Melee critically fails, then the attacker takes all damage, including the Backstab bonuses
    • If Melee succeeds, then normal melee damage plus backstab damage is done
    • If Melee is a critical success, then the attacker does addition bonus Backstab damage


  • Low levels of Melee combined with high levels of Backstab can quite often result in a one-shot kill to an attacker on a critical fail