This skill allows the Character to score extra damage when using a rear attack with a dagger, and later with most melee weapons. An unaware opponent receives considerably more damage than an aware one. The amount of damage increases with the skill's improvement.

  • Backstab Apprentice: a successful rear attack upon an unaware opponent will bypass his armor.
    • Trained by:
      • Magick Shop Clerk (Barach's Magerium in Tarant)
      • thieves in major cities
  • Backstab Expert: the Character may backstab with swords and axes as well as daggers.
    • Trained by:
  • Backstab Master: the Character gains an enormous increase to his chance of scoring a critical success.
    • Trained by Edmund Craig (shack in the northwest part of Roseborough)
      • When you encounter Craig, you may notice he is on edge as he is in hiding from Tarantian authorities due to murder charges. If you meet him by chance without the requirements for Backstab Master training, he will tell you to leave. However, being qualified and asking him about training will give you the required dialogue options. Once you have been trained, his paranoia sets in and he attempts to kill you, so beware.