Beauty Reaction Modifier Faction
1 -65 Hatred
2 -52 Hatred
3 -42 Dislike
4 -33 Dislike
5 -25 Dislike
6 -18 Suspicious
7 -12 Suspicious
8 -7 Suspicious
9 -3 Neutral
10 0 Neutral
11 3 Neutral
12 7 Courteous
13 12 Courteous
14 18 Courteous
15 25 Courteous
16 33 Amiable
17 42 Amiable
18 52 Love
19 65 Love
20 100 Love
21 110 Love

Beauty (abbreviated as "BE") is physical appearance of a character. This stat determines how NPCs react to and treat the Living One, whether they will be more favorable or hostile.

Beauty affects a few secondary stats:

  • Reaction modifier: this is the superficial and sadly inevitable response which may be occasioned by one's physical appearance. The character receives this bonus or penalty, upon first meeting any NPCs.

This reaction modifier affects shop prices. A higher modifier means cheaper bought goods and more money received for sold goods. This shop price is a percentage markup.

A high Beauty is needed for certain dialog options. Among these are getting a kiss from pub women as male (14), seducing Lillian Misk (unknown), and indirectly (this is actually based on reaction modifier, so things like a fancy dress can help) lowering the price of getting an invitation from Mr. Wellington as a female (if high enough, one can avoid pleasuring him).

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