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The Statistic of Beauty (abbreviated as "BE") is physical appearance of a character. This stat determines how NPCs react to and treat the Living One, whether they will be more favorable or hostile. Beauty is checked for certain dialog options:

  • Getting a kiss from pub women as male (14)
  • Getting the Mr. Franklin quest from Madam Lil as female (7)
  • Initiating a romance with Raven as male (10)

Beauty affects the Derived Statistics Reaction Modifier: this is the superficial and sadly inevitable response which may be occasioned by one's physical appearance. Reaction Modifier affects the following

  • Initial reaction upon first meeting any NPCs.
  • Shop prices for bought and sold items. This shop price is a percentage markup.
  • Apprentice Training price, and in at least one instance (prowling) Expert Training price


  • Blessing
    • Kai'tan, +1
    • Geshtianna, +1
    • Brigitte's Blessing, +1
    • Arbalah's Blessing (reaction modifier only)
  • Race, Character Background, Dialogue Options, and other effects
    • Gnomes have a racial modifier of +10 to all bad reactions
    • Certain character backgrounds can affect the reaction modifier
    • Certain dialogue options can raise or lower as well
    • Certain quests or actions can raise or lower the reaction modifier of individuals or even entire populations
    • Note that Curses, Scarring, and certain types of gear (including nakedness) can lower Beauty and reaction modifier

NPC Immunity[]

Some NPCs' reaction modifier is unaffected by the player's Beauty.