Arcanum: Of Steamworks and Magick Obscura Wiki

If you know that you want to go tech then this is a build that gets you safely through the beginning of the game to the continent's Main City.

Starting the Game[]

  • Make sure that you are patched to Official or are using the Steam or GoG version of the game.
  • Make sure that your user setting options are set for Turn Based Combat and Easy.
  • Start as a baseline (no background) Dwarf and take 2 point of Dexterity, 1 point of Dodge, and 2 points of Melee.
  • Sell your suit at the blimp store, and buy a rapier, robes, and boots for yourself, and a fine dagger and regular dagger for Virgil.

The Crash Site[]

  • Take Virgil's staff as your backup weapon, and give him both daggers.
  • Now fight your way out of the crash site, looting every body and container that you can find. Rest between battles if you need to. Prompt Virgil for healing if you need that as well.
  • Pick up everything on the ground, including the herbs.
  • Do the quests there if you wish, and finally get to Shrouded Hills.
  • As you level up, add 2 points to Charisma and 1 point to Persuasion. Save the rest of your points for now.

Shrouded Hills[]

  • In Shrouded Hills recruit Sogg Mead Mug at the Tavern.
  • Sell most of your loot (except any plants).
  • Get apprentice training in Melee, Dodge, and Persuasion. Also buy some better gear if you wish for yourself and your followers.
  • Do all of the quests
  • Find and sell as much loot as you can.
  • Look for and keep any plants on the ground.
  • When you are ready to leave, take out the bridge bandits. If for some reason you cannot beat them in a fight, then you can talk them into leaving.
  • As you level up in Shrouded Hills add points into Charisma at levels 5 and 6.
  • Gather your plants and go to Dernholm


  • Recruit Jayna. Give her all of the plants, but don't make her craft just yet.
  • Do more quests
  • Finish the quests there and Then return to Shrouded Hills to finish any other quests.


  • Then go to Tarant and add 1 more point to Persuasion. Then have Jayne make an Elixir of Persuasion. Find Madam Lil, drink the potion, and get expert Training from her for Persuasion. This lets you recruit a free follower.
  • Find Magnus and recruit him.
  • Think about disbanding Virgil and recruiting Gar at level 9. Gar is a better fighter, and Virgil will have trouble with his healing magic in a party of techies.

Moving to the Middle Game[]

  • Now the overall goal of the middle game is to kit your followers out with the best gear possible.
  • Let Magnus make your team weapons and Jayna make healing consumables.
  • Add 2 points to Electric and make electric rings for your team.
  • From level 10 and on you can use your points as you best see fit.

Final Thoughts[]

  • So now with this setup you are good to go for the rest of the game. You can do all of the early quests and cruise towards level 15 to 20. Then your team (plus maybe DOG from Ashbury) will easily take you through the Black Mountain Mines and beyond. What this means is that you can save and spend character points as you see fit without breaking anything.
  • This should get you to a safe place in the game, learning the mechanics and basics, and all without too much frustration. It also gives you breathing room to experiment and explore. Make as many save games as you like if you want to go back to branch off and try something different. You have a lot to play with :)