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The Black Mountain Mines are located at 1308W 754S, in the far north of the Stonewall Range. This location is marked on the player's map either after accepting Gilbert Bates' quest to discover the fate of the Black Mountain Clan, or after reading about it in his journal. The BMC mines are also located close to the the town of Stillwater (1190W 753S) which can be easily forced on the World Map, and may provide a convenient base of operations for exploring said mines. The mines are notorious for being one of the most difficult portions of the mainline quest, and this may require a rather large and experienced party and/or several trips to fully explore.

Black Mountain Mines, Levels 1-2[]


1 - Ore Golem / Rock Sprite  If you attack an ore golem or a rock sprite with most melee weapons, you'll damage the weapon. So you're better off using ranged weapons, spells, or your bare hands to kill them. 

2 - Seething Mass  Seething masses are just like ore golems, except they'll also damage your armor if they hit you. So plan ahead and remove your armor first. 

3 - Dead Thief  On his corpse you'll find a couple scrolls and another note from "G.L." 

4 - Forge  There are three barrels in the forge. In them you'll find mechanized gauntlets, eye gear, and a schematic for the pyrotechnic bow. 


A. Exit to the world map. 

B. Exit between level 1 and level 2. 

C. Exit to level 3. 

D. Exit to level 4.

Black Mountain Mines, Levels 3-4[]


1 - Chest with Kathorn Crystals  Most kathorn crystals appear randomly, but here's a place where you're guaranteed to find them. You should hang onto a couple because you might need them in an upcoming quest (to get into the Wheel Clan's home). 

2 - Gudmund Ore Bender  Gudmund is a little crazy -- he's the one who put all the traps on this level of the mines -- and you won't learn a lot from him, other than comments about "despair" and "betrayers." 

But behind Gudmund you'll find the Pillar of Truth, carved by Gudmund when he was saner. You'll learn that the Black Mountain Clan was banished to the Isle of Despair for sharing technology with humans (that is, for showing Gilbert Bates the steam engine), and that Loghaire, the king of the dwarves, and a group of elves were responsible for the banishment. 

The meeting with Gudmund is the main reason for visiting the Black Mountain Mines. If you're working for Gilbert Bates, then when you return to him he'll introduce you to Edward Teach, a ship captain who will take you to the Isle of Despair. If you worked for Appleby or killed Bates, then you'll still need to go to Teach, but you'll have to pay him money to take you to the Isle of Despair. 

3 - Garden 

You can find a lot of organic components here. 

4 - Chest with Power Axe 

Exits: A. Exit to level 1.