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Black Mountain Clan is the Dwarven community from which the late Stennar Rock Cutter hailed. Stennar was the Dwarf who befriended a young Gilbert Bates and introduced the orphaned lad to the marvels of Advanced technology.

Bates became enamored with the Dwarves there, but later found the mines abandoned. He eventually initiated several investigations into the Clan's disappearance, all of which were fruitless. The Player comes to be tasked to continue this investigation.



The Black Mountain Clan (BMC) is located at 1308W 754S, on the eastern slope in the far north of the Stonewall Range. This location is marked on the player's map either after accepting Gilbert Bates' quest to discover its fate, or after reading about it in Bates' Journal.

The BMC mines are also located close to the the town of Stillwater (1190W 753S), which can be easily forced on the World Map. Stillwater may provide a convenient base of operations for exploring the mines, as they are notorious for being one of the most difficult portions of The Main Quest. This may require several trips to selloff loot and for resupplies to fully explore.



  • Point A is the arrival spot for the party
  • Point 1 is the entrance to the mines, specifically Level 1


Level 1[]

  • 1 - To the Surface
  • 2a - To Level 2
  • 2b - To Level 2
  • 3 - To Level 3
  • 4a - To Level 4
  • 4b - To Level 4
  • 5 - Barricades


Level 2[]


Level 3[]


Level 4[]

Gudmund Ore Bender[]


  • The BMC mines are home to a wealth of Technological Items, many of them being rare or unique; these can be used and/or sold for great profit
  • The mines also contain Lava Rocks and Geodes, which are necessary for offerings to the Ancient Gods