Location: This schematic can be purchased from Armories.

Ingredients: Fine Steel Dagger Elephant Gun

  • Requires items derived from the seventh schematic of the Gun Smithy Discipline plus an expertise level of 80 in the Gun Smithy Discipline. 
  • Fine Steel Daggers are sold by armories, Molochean Hand's assassins use them, the blacksmith in Shrouded Hills will give a Fine Steel Dagger for procuring him some Pure Ore
  • Franklin Payne has an Elephant Gun when you encounter him. 
  • One of the poachers near the lizardmen village (part of a quest involving the village) has an Elephant Gun
  • The poacher's chief has an Elephant Gun, to encounter the poachers Kan Kerai's quest should be accepted. 

Effects: What does it sound like its a gun that shoots blades.

Blade Launcher