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Body of Air is the fourth spell in the college of Air


  • This spell transforms the body of a target into vapor and air, making the target fast and resistant to attack.
  • When cast on a target, all equipped items are moved into the target's inventory (or dropped to the ground if inventory becomes full).


  • The player or their followers cannot perform direct attacks in this form.
  • They also lose all bonuses from formally equipped items.

Additional Sources[]

  • Scrolls are sold in Magick Shops.


  • For NPC targets:
    • Unequipping includes "hidden" items that sometimes are not normally shown in an NPC's body or inventory screen.
    • Thus it makes pickpocketing possible for hidden items.
    • It also makes pickpocketing easier for other items that were previously equipped.
    • Casting this spell on an NPC will not cause them to become hostile.
  • For the player and party members:
    • The target receives +10 speed, +5 ER, +7 FR, and its DR and PR are set to 95.
    • Thus the target becomes more difficult to hit and much more difficult to injure.
    • They can still cast spells and perform other actions including indirect attacks.