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For Weapons, see Bows
The Bow Skill is the knack of using a classic bow weapon, be the bow short or long. Bow level is dependent upon your Dexterity (DX).


  • Bow Apprentice: the Speed of the Character with a bow is increased by 5
    • Trainer: any Elite Bow Guard in (Dernholm)
    • Trainer: the Halfling Guard in Shrouded Hills
    • Trainer: the general guards of other cities, towns, and villages
  • Bow Expert: the Character deals two attacks per arrow


  • Bows require Arrows for ammunition
  • Bows are used to deal damage at distance
  • Enemies can often be killed before they can reach the player to engage in Melee
  • Objects like lights (to help with Prowling) and locked items can also be destroyed

Modifiers to Bow[]

  • Races
    • None


  • All Bows are two-handed weapons
  • Bows are extremely quiet and are thus suitable for sniping
  • Bow % to Hit is modified by Perception (PE)
  • Bow % to Hit decreases by Strength (ST) when it is less than the Bow's MSR
  • Bow % to Hit also decreases with distance, up to the bow's maximum range
  • Arrows in Turn Based Combat either hit or miss
  • Arrows in Real Time Combat that miss may hit another target behind the intended target


  • Bow attacks can target Specific Body Parts
  • Some bows are Hexed and cast random spells or effects
  • Others are Magick and contain spell charges
  • Tech bows can critically fail when used by someone with a positive MA