Have you realized that your combat skills just aren't taking you as far as you'd hoped? Wishing you would have hit the books a little harder? No worry! With the Brain Builder, you can have that grey matter for the small price of your physical prowess! Wonderful!

  • Don't confuse the Brain Builder with the Mind Marvel, which is a learned schematic that temporarily boosts all mental abilities by 1.

Location: Wheel Clan: Mines (322,105), inside a chest located where the dread crystal spider's nest is.

Ingredients: Mind Marvel (Th85) + Pete’s Carbolic Acid (sold by Herbalists) (Ch45)

Permanently increases IN, decreases ST.

  • Adds 1 to all mental stats (IN, WP, PE, CH), while subtracting 1 from all body stats (ST, CN, DX, BE).
  • It is cumulative. The effects added up.
  • It can increase stats past the limits set by player race. Verify whether it can bring IN above 20.

Brain Builder