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"Come with me Virgil, we must break the game."
—Jesse (Troika Games)

A bug, also known as a glitch is a mistake in computer software. In games, bugs are issues such as dissapearing items, repeating dialogue, missing dialogue, etc. Some use the term "glitch" only to describe visual errors such as missing textures or incorrect rendering. An exploit is a beneficial bug which can be "exploited" to give the player an unintended advantage.

All bugs listed here are known to work on the latest official patch ( If you are using an older version of Arcanum, please test the bugs you intend to post here to see if they work on the latest version as well.


List of bugs, glitches and exploits[]

Bugs / Glitches[]

Arronax's Shell[]

  • Arronax's "indestructible" shell is actually just an untargetable object with a low HP, so it's possible to destroy it with AoE spells, although only visually.

Arcanum ~ Arronax's Shell Glitch

Indoor Windows Glitch[]

  • Some separate map buildings (e.g. Bates' Mansion) have windows indoors for aesthetic purposes. Breaking these windows and then jumping out of them will allow the player to stand on the black tiles surrounding the map, but not be able to do anything remarkable such as walk all the way off screen on them (just 1 tile away from the wall). This is because there are no invisible blocking tiles set on the outer side of these windows. It may be possible to walk on the outer side of the walls and enter rooms which are ordinarily locked or otherwise inaccessible, although no examples of this have been found yet.

Avoid Instant Kill in Falcon's Ache[]

  • By having Dweomer Shield or Reflection Shield cast on yourself when attacking the creatures or loggers in Falcon's Ache, you will not get instantly killed by the Quench Life-like spell.

Disintegrate Glitch on Isle of Despair[]

  • If you are on theIsle of Despair and you challenge someone to fight in the pit and you kill them using the spell "Disintegrate" the game will glitch and not consider your kill counted and you will not be able to leave the pit.

Yet Another Pit Glitch[]


Pit glitch

Permanent Stun Bug[]

  • If you play Fast Turn Based combat mode and get stunned by an enemy (such as Arbalah) just before they die, you may get stuck in a permanent stun. Your character will keep spinning in a state of dizzy confusion, and time will pass by very quickly. Even after waiting 5 minutes (in real life) the character was still stunned. It is worth noting that I was stunned multiple times, so this may have contributed to the glitch. I haven't tried replicating this, it seemed very odd and possibly random.
    • To fix it, simply go to options and set combat mode to Real Time (press SPACE).

Palette Issues[]

  • Casting Body of Air on a demon summoned through the Hellgate spell will cause it to permanently change its palette after Body of Air is cancelled from sustain.

NPC Generator Issues[]

  1. Killing certain NPCs important to storyline progression will respawn them after some amount of time passes, most likely a day or two. While this is an intended mechanic, it can be problematic if the NPCs are ressurected every time they are killed allowing for multiple instances of the same NPC in the game world; or possibly exploited for items. Regenerating NPCs:
    • Gaylin (Shrouded Hills)
    • Raymond Pierce (Ashbury)
    • Ship Captains (Tarant, Black Root, Ashbury, Caladon)
      • Getting them to respawn can be problematic. Try saving and loading, moving a distance away from them, advancing time, combinations of these, etc. Sometimes you can get transported to Caladon without the Ship Captain being there (perhaps due to the high-resolution patch?), but you can simply spawn him thanks to his generator.
    • ...
  2. A band of orc thieves in Tarant seems to regenerate every time they are killed. They also carry an item called "Potassium Nitrate" with an unusual graphic (that of a camera alike the one at the Crash Site). See this video for the location of these thieves and their drops. You must be a moderate distance away from where they originally spawn for them to actually regenerate!
  3. Another one that is not a bug but can easily be exploited for experience levels, and is quite obvious to most players: the portal at Liam's Workshop near Black Root will generate an almost inexhaustible supply of mid-to-high level monsters for you to kill. Luring the monsters one by one, resting after taking damage (some of them will do fire damage so you may want to take off your body armor) and saving often will get you high levels quickly. It is also advised to have the game set on Easy difficulty - at least for the duration of the farming session - as this will increase your experience gain rate (see this section on the Levelling page for more information.)

Broken Dialogue[]

  • Under some circumstances, dialogue with NPCs can not work properly, give you options it shouldn't (which may then be utilized as an exploit) or go as far as crashing the game.
  • It is worth experimenting with changing various factors during dialogue, such as:
    • Intelligence — use Wine, Essence of Intellect to switch between "dumb" and "normal" dialogue mode
    • Fatigue — going unconscious may affect dialogue somehow
    • Health — death may have unusual effects in some cases... Hey, remember Fawn's seemingly useless Resurrect spell that she can cast on you for a cheap price? Well, if you have that dialogue option open with her (the one where she asks you for payment for resurrection), then die somehow, then click on it, she will actually resurrect you!
    • Combat — entering combat may break dialogue under some circumstances
  • List any broken dialogue you find here:
    1. Talking to the train ticket sellers in Tarant and possibly in other cities as well while not having any clothes on can either give you some really bizzare dialogue as a male or instantly crash the game as a female. Talking to them while under the effects of Shrink or Body of Fire, Air or Water may produce similar effects (not tested).
    2. In Roseborough a person named Jason C. Guy in the Roseborough Inn will give you an unmarked quest to find proof of ancient technology. This quest may not be available until a certain main story quest is completed, most likely until the Vendigroth Ruins have been visited as part of the Vendigroth Device retrieval quest. Telling him about the Vendigroth Ruins will reward you with 1700 experience and he will say he is leaving. However, he won't actually leave until you leave the inn or a certain amount of time passes, so you can keep telling him about the Ruins for 1700 exp every time you do it.
      • Going to the Vendigroth Wastes with an early game character, forcing the Vendigroth Ruins location then returning to Jason C. Guy still didn't give him an option to talk about the quest. It must be story quest related.
    3. After the Stillwater Beast quest is complete, leave stillwater and walk around until you get into a fight with the Real Stillwater Beast. Kill him then collect his pelt. Go to Tarant, then go to the Oddities Museum, then sell the pelt to the guy you bought the fake pelt off of. He will offer you 2000 gold, sell it to him then when you get to selling it to him, you are dumped back to the starting dialoge screen! Just sell him the pelt over and over and over for 2000 gold a pop. Do this for as long as you can for 999999 gold quick. Watch out thought because if you hit any other responce other then selling the pelt, you will lose the dialoge and lose the ability to sell the same pelt over again. I suggest saving right before you start doing this that way you can try to get as high of a gold count until you mess up. (thanks ATL159reak)
    4. When doing the quest to get the money from the doorman at the inn for the madam at the brothel in Tarant you just keep asking for the coin and he keeps giving it to you (thanks Llamamaster)
    5. If you kill Magnus and leave his body without looting him, his body will dissapear after an in-game day has passed. This, for some reason, triggers the script where he asks you to give his gauntlets back (as the game sees they are no longer in his inventory) even if he no longer exists in the game world. This can happen anywhere, even in a completely different city. (may need further testing)
    6. Rip
      The night guard of Caladon's high security prison will fall asleep at night, however if you kill him before he does so, you may get some humorous results (see picture to the right)
    7. Aggravating Heinrich Jenks through dialogue will give you an odd response when combat is initiated (the dlg file calls the wrong line). Look at this video to see it in action.


If a locked portal (such as a door or window) finds itself in an NPC's pathing, the NPC will open it as if the lock wasn't there. The first example on this list is the most entertaining one:

  1. Thieves in Caladon's high security prison will pass through their cells' doors, despite them being locked. After spending some time outside the cell, they will walk back inside as if nothing happened. Attempting to engage in conversation with them will only give generic dialogue.
  2. Partially intended, although possible to exploit: some shopkeepers will retreat into their bedrooms at night, despite their bedroom doors always being locked. On their way inside, they will open the door which will close after a few seconds. While the door is open, the player can gain access to their bedroom, wait until morning (while going back to the shop, the vendor will ignore the player's presence) and raid the shop's supplies as much as they want. If the vendor doesn't notice the player while attempting this, it is possible to repeat it for infinite gold and other resources that will continually generate in the chest.

Followers Crafting Bug[]

If you enter a follower's technological crafting screen and move to a specific schematic they know, that schematic will be available to you once you open your own crafting screen even if you have not unlocked that schematic with character points. You will still need to have a certain level of expertise to actually craft the item(s) (use Technical Manuals), and the crafted item(s) will be placed in your inventory rather than the follower's. Since you can simply use the respective follower to craft the item, there seems to be little exploitable potential regarding this bug.

Followers Camping[]


If you've ever dismissed Virgil and Sogg and weren't able to find them later for recruiting again, this is where they may have ended up.

After dismissing certain followers or otherwise having them wait for too long to the point where they leave for their original spot, they may not actually get there due to odd pathing issues. For example, dismissing Virgil and Sogg Mead Mugg will at certain times get them stuck in a tile just north of the Shrouded Hills bridge, presumably at the same tile where Lukan dissapears after persuading him to leave. It seems that they both have to cross Shrouded Hills on their way back to their spawn points, but get stuck there on the way for one reason or another. (see the picture to the right to see where they end up - note the tents at the bottom near the bridge if you wish to find the exact spot)

Odd Chest Contents[]


A Fancy Chest in The Bangellian Deeps (the first one you come across inside, go right and you should see it obscured by a wall next to a monster) contains odd items, presumably intended for a mage's shop rather than a dungeon chest due to the large amount of useful magickal scrolls and around 2500 gold it holds. (see picture to the right for contents)

Incorrect Item Attributes[]

  • Dark Helm
    • The bonuses/penalties from the Dark Helm (+20% Magickal Aptitude, -20 Alignment) are permanent. If you keep equipping and removing the helm, you can get the highest MA and lowest alignment in mere moments. However, if your Technological Aptitude is too high, you will not recieve these bonuses/penalties at all. If you are making an evil sorcerer, this may be the ultimate exploit for you; or if you are making a good technologist it is best to keep in mind to avoid this helm. The bonuses/penalties will also work on followers (if their technological aptitude isn't too high)
  • Strange bugged amulet
    • An amulet with a bugged name can be found in a chest in Caladon (Mushroom Inn, Room Three). When unidentified it is simply called "Amulet", however when identified it will be called "Dark Helm" and shows all of Dark Helm's effects in its description. When equipped, the amulet will provide +1 Beauty and +40% Magick Resistance. It is unknown what the intended name of this amulet is.

Noclip Glitch[]

  • At random times, you or another NPC might run off in a random direction. It seems to happen more often to NPCs than the player.
    1. This one occured while fighting Kerghan. At one point my character was randomly pushed off to the northeast, with the camera still being stuck in Kerghan's chamber, and the World Map icon appeared. Upon clicking it, this was seen...

Arcanum - no clip glitch


Vollinger rejoining as a follower after leaving at T'sen-Ang[]


  • If Vollinger leaves the party after concluding business at T'sen-Ang, then meeting with him later is supposed to result in either him or the player dying.
  • The dialogue that causes this can be avoided by clicking on a hotkey that is equipped by a spell or usable item without replying to his first line of dialogue.
  • This reverts his dialogue to that of a new NPC, the same as he had in the Pub in Dernholm
  • As such the player can re-recruit him if:
    • The player again tells Vollinger their true identity
    • The player is at least level 29
  • Note that this Vollinger is technically a different NPC
    • He is now level 30
    • He has a new leveling scheme
    • Any gear that he used to have is gone
    • He now has a High Velocity Pistol


How to get unidentified sword Ancient Maze

Arcanum, Ancient Maze Unidentified Sword

Ancient Maze, Unidentified Sword Guide

A similar glitch to the Noclip Glitch can be used in a controlled manner. It can help with getting access to certain areas you're not supposed to enter. This section will use the example of Unidentified Sword from the Ancient Maze.

The sword is trapped in a walled-off box-shaped room with no visible entry points. Spells may only target areas your character sees, therefore spells like Spatial Distortion may not be used here.

In order to get in, you'll have to abuse the bug in pathfinding which will place you directly inside the room.

  1. Place your follower in the spot as seen in the picture and make them wait if they move too much. Then, place your character on the opposite side of the box. You can attempt to do this from different angles, as long as the target spot is between you and your follower, and the path to your follower isn't blocked and your character can reach them.
  2. Click on your follower to start moving, and then immediately queue up the pickpocket action on them by pressing A + Click. Make sure your last active action is pickpocket for it to work (or bind it to a hotbar). You can also toggle walking if it's too fast.
  3. If done correctly, your character will start shifting through the wall. At this point you must stop moving at a precise moment by using right click, or clicking inside the box. It may take a few tries, but eventually you will end up inside the box. After that, you can simply travel to reset your position, grab your followers and leave.

Alternatively, if you're using a modded version, there's a spell called Through The Wall under the third level of The College of Earth. Activate the spell and click on a wall to make it passable. The walls are rather thick, so you may need multiple effects active at the same time.

Like many other Arcane items, Arcane Sword is indestructible, light, and takes little space. It can be obtained early, making it a very useful sidearm for dispatching enemies that damage your melee weapon.

There are many cases where this glitch can work, notably for obtaining non-accessible gold in Kerlin's Altar and getting early access to Tulla. You can use any other NPC that can be pickpocketed instead of your follower if they're nearby and can be reached.

See Contents Exploit[]

This one's main use is to make offerings without having to do quests, namely the one in Stillwater and Vooriden. It can be used to make an offering to Geshtianna as an Idiot Savant. Note that See Contents is not affected by Aptitude. Simply put the offering item in your hotbar, cast See Contents on the altar you wish to make the offering to, then drag the offering item from your hotbar to the altar's "inventory" screen. This works for any container if (for whatever reason) you need to move an item into it from a distance. Telekinesis!

Clone Stackable Items[]

  1. Open a container
  2. Move half or more than half units of a stack of stackable items (arrows, bullets, charges, fuel, gold) into the container (e.g. if you have 3000 gold pieces, move 1500 or more into the container); remember to use numpad
  3. Drag the chosen stack of items from your inventory onto the container screen once again, as if you were going to move more units
  4. Press the "move all units" button represented by an arrow in the interface that opened over the message window at the bottom of the screen
  5. Either right click on the stack you had initially moved into the container to take it back into your inventory, or click the "take all" button above the container's "inventory"; note that the interface at the bottom is still open
  6. Click on the green "confirm" button in the window at the bottom of the screen
  7. The units you had initially placed into the container and then taken have been added back to your inventory, and then the units you had taken by clicking on the "confirm" button have also been added to the total quantity in your inventory... this exploit can be used to exponentially increase the quantity of the stackable item that you are duplicating
  8. Close the container to make your chosen stackable item visible again, then repeat the process from step 1 if needed

Good & Evil Storylines at Once[]

This one is complicated and might take a lot of tries, but if you follow the instructions carefully it should work. It will allow you to play through both Good (helping Nasrudin) and Evil (helping the Dark Elves) storylines at the same time and whatever benefits (or more bugs) that might bring.

  1. After finding the location of T'sen Ang from the book "Horror of the Dark Elves", travel there.
  2. Enter M'in Gorad's chamber and cast Dominate Will on her.
  3. Take the note from her inventory and read it, Gideon Laier should appear in T'sen Ang, Virgil will decide to leave and Vollinger may or may not betray you depending on your conversation with Gideon Laier. Reading the note should also complete the quest "Find out what happened to the Black Mountain Clan."
  4. Teleport to Qintarra and talk to Raven, you may encounter some random dialog dead ends but keep talking to her until it completes the quest "Find out about M'in Gorad in the village of the Dark Elves, and report back to Raven."
  5. You should be able to enter the Silver Lady's chamber now. When you do, remove Dominate Will from M'in Gorad and talk to her. Tell her you want to join the cause of the Dark Elves (requires negative alignment as always, any negative number should be enough - use the Dark Helm if you have it to reduce it) and she will tell you to slaughter everyone in Stillwater, so accept it. If she turns hostile, it means that her reaction towards you dropped below 0 after removing Dominate Will from sustain. You will need to cast Purity of Water on yourself, wear a Smoking Jacket/Elegant Dress or have other means of raising reaction. You will also need to use Dominate Will on her again in a moment, meaning that the next time you unsustain it the reaction will drop even further, be prepared for that.
  6. Cast Dominate Will on her again and talk to the Silver Lady to get the quest "Find Nasrudin." If you don't get it then, you should get it after telling Raven what the Silver Lady told you.
  7. Teleport to Stillwater and kill everyone. Easier said than done, because of all the random guards and houses in the outskirts. The quest "Kill all of the inhabitants of Stillwater." may not even be marked as completed when you do it, so be sure to save before attempting the next step.
  8. Unsustain Dominate Will from M'in Gorad and talk to her. If you have the option to tell her you killed everyone, congratulations, you are now following both paths (Good & Evil, or Light & Dark, however you wish to call it). If she's hostile, you will need to boost your Beauty or her reaction towards you further before unsustaining. If you don't have the option to tell her you ruined Stillwater, you probably missed an NPC or two.

Pickpocket the Unpickpocketable[]

It is possible to pickpocket items which are hidden in an NPC's inventory if you transform them into an elemental. This can be done via the spells Body of Fire, Body of Air and Body of Water or scrolls of the same name. Here are some potential uses (feel free to discover and add your own):

  • Stealing the Trapmaker's Spectacles from the Disarm Traps Master in Caladon
  • Stealing Kerghan's respawning special attack scrolls from his inventory during combat

Disintegrate the Undisintegrateable[]

A continuation of the exploit above - Body of Fire, Air or Water also removes the "Undisintegrateable" flag from an NPC, allowing you to disintegrate them. Works on dragon form Kerghan.

Toolbar Dialogue Skip Exploit[]

This can be used to end dialogue prematurely, therefore preventing any scripts that would've occured on selecting a specific dialogue option from executing.

  • Click on something in your toolbar when you want to end dialogue. It's that simple. Here's some potential uses, feel free to discover and add your own:
    1. When you first approach Kerghan, it can be used to end his initiated dialogue in order to prepare your followers first or otherwise. If you move back to the same tile you were teleported on, he will attempt to talk to you again, but you can skip as many times as you want
    2. Can be used to avoid giving Gorgoth food whenever he asks for more. Therefore, as long as you're able to put up with the constant annoyance, you can have him permanently.
    3. Before you head off to the wheel clan, put items in your hotkey bank. Then travel to the wheel clan and you will encounter the mysterious apparition on the way. While he is talking click on your item in the hotkey bank and you should exit the dialogue. You can then attack and kill him without him attacking you. You will recieve a large amount of exp and he will keep appearing for you to do the same thing over and over again. (thanks Rune Ripper)

Fast Travel Trick[]

  • If you set your combat mode to Fast Turn-Based, you can move without waiting for your character's animation to perform. It can get you through towns much quicker than you normally could, and can even be used to avoid triggering some scripts (such as Arronax's prison guard in the Void).

Meta Magick College[]

The Meta Magick College is one of the most bugged features in the game, and this is commonly known. Here I will try to reveal the full potential of this particular college of Magick.

  • Let's start out by taking a look at the potential of the Reflection Shield. Due to some oversight or another, the Reflection Shield has an interesting feature of being able to make any sustainable spell permanent. Here's how to use the Reflection Shield to make any buff (or debuff) such as Agility of Fire permanent:
    1. Make sure you have enough Intelligence to sustain multiple spells. An Intelligence of 8 will allow you to sustain two spells, which is enough to make one buff at a time permanent, for example. You can drink a Potion of Intelligence to raise that stat.
    2. Cast a buff such as Agility of Fire on your follower, or on a NPC nearby. You need to do it on another target as this won't work on yourself, although there is a way to make buffs permanent on yourself - I will describe this a bit later.
    3. Now cast Reflection Shield on the same target as in the previous step.
    4. Cancel sustain of the buff spell you put on first by clicking on its icon on the top of your interface, then cancel the Reflection Shield. If done correctly, the buff should now be permanent, and you won't have any spells taking up your sustain bar.
      • NOTE: There is no known way to remove the buff once it is made permanent, so you should use this only for experimentation or with extreme caution. Having 3 Strength of Earth buffs on a follower is enough to drive you crazy. Perhaps muting the sound is a good idea...
      • Buffs can be "visually" removed from followers by telling them to Wait and entering another location (a cave will do) without them, then coming back to see them without visual and audio effects, but with sustained effect on stats. This trick, sadly, doesn't work on player's character (consider searching for or creating own small mod to overwrite annoying sound files).
  • Here's another way to make buffs and debuffs permanent on a target:
    1. Cast a buff such as Agility of Fire on your follower, or on a NPC nearby (don't worry, they won't go hostile).
    2. Cast Dweomer Shield on them (20 less fatigue cost than Reflection Shield... it's ideal)
    3. The buff should appear to be on the target, but if you look at your sustain bar there will be no buff seen, only the Dweomer Shield. Cancel it to finish the process.
      • NOTE: You can use Dweomer Shield and Reflection Shield to make buffs/debuffs permanent even on inanimate objects such as doors and chests. This doesn't have as many uses, but you can use spells like Magelock on doors and chests to make them permanently locked. Or you can set up Walls of Fire in some annoying NPC's house and permanently lock his door...
  • One thing that makes the Reflection Shield superior to the Dweomer Shield is that the Reflection Shield allows you to make summon spells such as Orcish Champion, Ogre Guardian, Hellgate, Summon Undead, Succour Beast, etc; permanent. To do it, you simply have to follow the same steps as you would for using the Reflection Shield to make buffs permanent. Chug down an Intelligence Potion, a Fatigue Slower, and start perming your summons - in no time you will be able to roleplay the Necromancer from Diablo II with your massive horde of summoned monsters.
  • Now here's how to make buffs permanent on yourself - this is a bit more complicated than the previous processes:
    1. Cast Reflection Shield on a target such as a follower or NPC.
    2. Cast the buff you wish to make permanent on yourself onto the target with the Reflection Shield on it. The buff should reflect off the Reflection Shield and appear on you - functioning, no less.
    3. Cancel the Reflection Shield off the target.
    4. Cast Dweomer Shield on the target which you previously had Reflection Shield on.
    5. Cancel the Dweomer Shield.
    6. The buff should disappear from your sustain, and you should still have the bonuses it grants.
      • NOTE: You can also use this to make yourself permanently Entangled, or if you want to roleplay a sheep for the rest of the game with the Polymorph spell.
      • NOTE: Buffs such as Shield of Protection are not stackable, but with this glitch they are! This allows for 95% damage resistance and 95 Armor Class
      • NOTE: Remember on what follower you used the buffs to get them on yourself, because there's a case of casting the same buff on same follower that will disable the effect on you.

World Map Waypoint[]

  • This trick may be used for various other purposes, like getting to theIsle of Despair after you have already left it, getting to the little island next to theIsle of Despair, getting to the Half-Ogre Island or Thanatos. All you have to do is experiment with the world map and locations connected with trains and ships. You can repeat Willy's adventure step by step to get accustomed with the mechanism of this trick.
    • We have our character. Let's call him Willy. Hello Willy. "Hello Muro,"- says Willy. 
    • Willy is currently in Tarant and he travels to the very edge of the city, in this case the north-west edge of the city map. He then travels across the border to the wilderness. Once there, he points the destination of his travel at, say, 1186W 1384S. 
    • Notice however, that he doesn't push the Toggle Walking Waypoint Path button, oh no he doesn't. Instead, he leaves the marked destination spot on the map there and returns to the game map. 
    • What's his next step? Well, Willy travels to Black Root. He could do it by boat as well, but he decides to use the train, since it's closer at the moment (important note – do not teleport there, since it will reset the world map marked path, which is crucial for this trick). 
    • Behold, Willy is in Black Root. He travels across the border of wilderness here as well. Now he turns on his world map but what is this? The previously marked destination point is still there! 
    • What does Willy do? He pushes the Toggle Walking Waypoint Path button and that’s where the magic happens. Instead of traveling north-west to the point, his path leads south-west, at the same angle as if he would be traveling from Tarant to that point. Oh look, he even travels through the ocean! And look, now he’s travelling through Cattan! Right-click when he’s over there to stop his travelling and settle on Cattan. There you have it! Willy is on Cattan.

      A vacation on Cattan

    • The only way to get out of there now is to use teleport, but that’s Willy’s problem now. 
    • Note that it’s very important to right-click before the final destination is reached, since when Willy would reach it, he would be magically teleported to the exact destination, in this example, 1186W 1384S. 

World Map Waypoint II[]

  • By combining the process of Leaving the Void exploit below (specifically maintaining a positive reaction on an NPC that can teleport you through dialogue) with the World Map Waypoint exploit above, you can perform the World Map Waypoint exploit to reach almost any point in the world.

Leaving the Isle of Despair without Captain Teach[]

  • A glitch to leave the Isle of Despair after you have already left it once.
    • ​All you have to do is travel to the Women's Camp and then travel north until you reach the very edge of the map. Why am I sending you there, you ask? Because it is possible to Teleport from that point and therefore leave the Isle.

Tulla Entry Trick[]

  • It is possible to enter Tulla even if the guard doesn't allow you. To do so, you need to set your waypoint on the World Map to travel over Tulla, but not directly on it. It is advisable to save before you attempt this since it's possible to get stuck in the city walls. While traveling above the location on the World Map, quickly press the button to stop traveling (the large waypoint follow button on the right) and after a few tries you should end up inside. If you are faster with your keyboard, you can have your last skill used be pickpocket so that when you press A it will stop fast travel, or similarly an active spell will do the same. Note that apart from getting stuck in the walls you may also end up inside one of the locked houses, so have lockpick skill or Unlocking Cantrip spell ready. This trick may also have uses elsewhere...

Charm Spell Issues[]

  • Gnomes as a playable race receive +10 to Reaction Modifier, and this characteristic gives them some exploit potential with the Charm spell of the Mental Magick College. The exploit will allow you to raise any non-hostile NPC's (reaction must not be Hatred) reaction towards you by 10 every time you cast and stop sustaining Charm. It is cumulative, so all you have to do is repeat doing it.
    • To start out, cast Charm as a gnome on the person who's reaction you wish to permanently raise. Notice that the spell is now being sustained in the upper part of your interface. Click on the icon of the spell to stop sustaining it. Check the person's reaction - it should now be raised by 10 points even with the spell off!
  • Half-Orcs, because of their negative Reaction Modifier, will have lowered permanent reaction after the use of this spell.

Follower Infinite Charges[]

Followers will not use charges from enchanted weapons. For example, you can give a weaker follower a Shaman's Staff (it has Major Healing charges) and get infinite healing from them.

Fawn's Bow has Major Healing and Resurrect charges, and can be used by followers to heal or resurrect you any number of times. Works especially well with Raven due to her preference for bows, but she does not seem to make use of the Major Healing charges (likely because she already has the spell intrinsically).

Easy Disarm Traps Mastery[]

  • The basement of the Disarm Traps Master in Caladon is full of traps, and is difficult to pass in conventional ways. Good thing no one seemed to bother to test it, so all you have to do is run up to the large "Passage" door, click it, and it should teleport you near the starting ladder as if you completed the entire course. Simply go up, talk to the Master, tell him you have finished the trapped maze in the basement and he will reward you with your well-earned mastery. However...
    • No one in Troika set the dialogue to check if you even have any skill in Disarm Traps whatsoever. Even if your character doesn't have any points or training in Disarm Traps the mastery can still be done (although you may have to lockpick the basement trapdoor) although you won't receive a Master title. You will, however, receive the glorious Trapmaker Spectacles (+2 Dexterity, +2 Perception)!

Unlimited Fate Points[]

  • This method is relatively simple. You may or may not need the thief in Tarant to give you the quest to steal the Golden Idol of Kree, though. It will most likely not be necessary. You also mustn't have harmed any barbarians in the Kree before attempting this, your safest bet would be to avoid being seen by them at all.
    1. Find a way to make yourself invisible so you don't have to use Prowling. Ring of Shadows should work fine, or you can just use the Invisibility spell. If you have any followers with you, you might want to tell them to wait in a safe spot while performing this.
    2. Go to Kree and take the Golden Idol from its pedestal deep in the city.
    3. Head for the exit and watch your Fate Points counter. It will rise by 1 when you are on the boundary of Kree. (if you don't get any Fate Points no matter what you do, you have probably killed one of the barbarians in the city)
    4. Run in and out of the city with the Golden Idol in your inventory and enjoy your infinite Fate Points!
  • Killing Gilbert Bates grants a Fate Point, and it is allegedly possible to repeatedly resurrect/zombify him and keep killing him for infinite Fate Points. Unconfirmed.
  • Add your method(s) here. If you feel like testing, you can try messing with Donn Throgg's dialogue, there was supposedly another exploit regarding Fate Points if you kept talking to him after doing something. More info needed...

Leaving the Void[]

I originally found this exploit on Terra-Arcanum when I wanted to satisfy my curiosity - I wanted to know if it's possible to leave the Void within the limits of the game with all the followers from it (Arronax, Bane of Kree, etc.) and the awesome Kryggird's Falchion. Anyway, turns out I made a mistake when I first attempted this, and have now done it successfully. Thanks to Deman on Terra-Arcanum forums for letting the community know this is possible: link to thread


Daegon: "But Nasrudin, Arronax is right here!"


Arronax: "I think I want to go back to the Void now."


Unused dialogue probably. If you're wondering, the guard answered: "He defeated Arronax, and doomed us all..."

  1. First make sure you have some way to make yourself invisible. A Ring of Shadows or the Invisibility spell will be fine. You will also need to have a way to cast Dominate Will, preferably the spell itself, although a scroll MIGHT work if you are fast enough. You will also need a scroll of Teleportation or the spell itself (or better yet, the Staff of K'an T'au), unless you want to walk over half of Arcanum with an active spell draining your Fatigue. The reason why you can't just use the World Map with someone who has Dominate Will on them in your party is that travelling on the World Map cancels all your currently sustained spells.
  2. Find an NPC that will talk to you while you are invisible. This won't work with NPCs that get 'spooked' if you are invisible, and mostly non-default (by default I mean generic like guards and common folk) NPCs fall into this category. Most NPCs with their own dialogue scripts should still be functional for this and execute the proper 'teleport' script on you. Some examples are the Qintarra elf guard, Dredge guard in the Wheel Clan (untested, both work, but one is always left in the void and will respawn in original location upon next visit to the Void), etc. It will take some experimentation to find the proper NPC for the job.
  3. Cast Dominate Will on your chosen NPC, and bring him to someone that can banish you to the Void. This can be done by killing K'an Hua if Nasrudin is dead already, killing Nasrudin, or going through the entire game story then preferably letting Nasrudin banish you at the Ring of Brodgar. This is the preferred method as he can do it multiple times every time you return to Arcanum via the exploit. Either way - get sent to the Void along with the NPC on whom you have Dominate Will on.
  4. Do whatever you want in the Void. It is recommended that you pick up Kryggird's Falchion. You can also pick up Arronax as a follower, have a chat with Kerghan and tell him you will join him (then go for a cup of tea with Franklin Payne instead) or whatever you please.
  5. Now here's the fun part. Make yourself invisible (you may need to make any followers you have with you invisible too IF the NPC sees and attacks them!) and cancel the Dominate Will spell. If done right, the NPC won't attack you or any followers you have with you (if the followers charge to attack the NPC instead, quickly press F5 to tell them to back off) and will be able to talk to you even if you are invisible (you should test if all this will work before you get to the Void, as I already mentioned it might not work with some NPCs). Find the dialogue option on the NPC which would normally teleport you somewhere (like saying "Thank you..." to the Qintarra guard) and...
  6. You should end up wherever the NPC would normally take you. If done with someone like a ship captain, you will end up on whatever port you selected; if done with the Qintarra guard you will end up in Qintarra.
  7. Enjoy unleashing Arcanum's most evil historical characters once again, or go on a genocide with Kryggird's Falchion (perhaps those conspiring gnomes need to be taught a lesson!)

Leaving the Void II - Bringing Kerghan to Arcanum[]


Evil characters, this one is dedicated to you. As a continuation from Leaving the Void, here's how you can bring Kerghan back to Arcanum.

You will need:

  1. an item that damages health (if using the Ring of Shadows you will need to stay near Kerghan so you don't lose access to his inventory unless you have the Sense Invisible spell and a way to restore his fatigue so it doesn't drop below 0)
  2. spells or scrolls of Body of Fire, Air or Water and Create Undead
  3. whatever the previous exploit also requires (Dominate Will, Invisibility, Teleportation, NPC that can transport you...)
  4. you might want a fate point or a high pickpocket skill/expertise

Start off by entering Kerghan's chamber, then...

  • Either talk to him and say you will join him so he lets you exit dialog, or use the Toolbar Dialog Skip Exploit above
  • Cast Body of Fire, Air or Water on Kerghan so that his inventory becomes pickpocketable
  • Plant a health damaging item on him, use a fate point to be 100% certain
  • Remove Body of Fire, Air or Water from spell sustain
  • Wait for him to die... he needs to die in his non-dragon form, otherwise the ending slide will trigger as if you used the Vendigroth Device or Kryggird's Falchion... behold, Kerghan made a puddle of blood and is still standing like a dumbass because he doesn't have a death animation
  • Pick up the health damaging item from his "body"

    Kerghan fighting his own slaves in the docks of Caladon

  • Now for the trick... cast Create Undead on his "body". If everything went well, he should be your undead follower. As soon as you cancel the spell or enter combat, he will transform into his dragon form and start attacking you. This is because his "dragon form" along with his "regenerative form" are different critter entities altogether, and non-dragon Kerghan is scripted to turn into dragon Kerghan as soon as he enters combat...
  • Talk to your transport NPC from the exploit above and return to Arcanum
  • Teleport to Shrouded Hills, Tarant, or any city of your choice and unleash Kerghan the Terrible upon the folk

Infinite Money from Shopkeepers[]

I tested it on Arcanum demo, Vanilla, & patched version Dinki (talk) 00:43, April 2, 2016 (UTC). English is my second language, so I cut & paste description from Reddit:

  • Hey all, not sure if anyone knows too much about this. I discovered this by accident a few years ago and have shared it with my friends who have played the game. If you go into the town of Shrouded Hills there is a "junk" merchant by the name of Ristezze. His shop is located right off of the town square. If you enter the shop you would notice that there are two rooms. One is the main sales floor of his shop, the other his locked bedroom.
  • Inside of the shop wait until nightfall, and then continue to wait in small increments of time until Ristezze goes to sleep. As he enters his bedroom follow before the door closes. I would advise to save at this point, depending on how high your pickpocketing skill is. Approach the sleeping Ristezze and take his key.
  • Once done successfully you may loot his chest and directly take his gold. Exit the store and go into the town square, at least far enough for his shop to be off of your screen and wait for 24 hours. Re-enter his shop and go directly to the chest. With the key in possession you may just enter the door and open the chest and take the money. Repeat as necessary.
  • If it does not appear just go and sell everything you have to him and then walk back to the chest and take your goods back. I've done this to the point of 30,000 in a matter of minutes and was set for a while.

Gypsy gold exploit[]

This trick is available with any of the gypsy merchants, but I usually prefer to use the first available gypsy merchant in Shrouded Hills as you will have to kill the merchant in question to receive the gold (unless you want to spend forever pick pocketing small amounts of gold at a time.) To do this trick is incredibly simple and still works with the unofficial patch available on Terra-Arcanum.

  • Talk to a gypsy merchant and ask to browse their wares, then close out of the exchange screen.
  • Adjust the screen and move far enough away so that the merchant is longer longer visible on your screen and wait one full day in order to refresh their stock.
  • talk to the gypsy and browse their wares again. Every time you check a fresh stock the game will spawn more gold into their personal inventories, usually somewhere between 800-3000 coins per check.
  • Kill the gypsy and pocket the gold

This trick works great in tandem with the above Risteeze infinite gold trick, as you can then purchase magickal arms and various potions while going through the process of refreshing the gypsy's stock. you'll get all your gold back and then some anyways.

Immortal Dog (Worthless Mutt)[]

In combination with Reflective Shield glitch, cast Shield of Protection (it does not give resistances with 100+ Tech Aptitude, so you might want to use Fate points for 100 MA power or travel to place that increases MA) on Dog , permanently increasing its resistances. Repeat until Damage Resistance value exceeds 100 (yes, Dog (and all non-playable races?) ignores the 95% cap rule of resistances), this will result in following: each time Dog takes damage it will instead heal itself. To ensure complete invulnerability and immortality, get the values up to 200 to have all damage received to heal the Dog for full amount, just in case attacking stone or fire elementals still deals self-damage. This also works on Waromon (Bedokaan Village) and presumably all non-human creatures, including animals, if you feel like using Dominate Will and/or Control Beast.