Arcanum: Of Steamworks and Magick Obscura Wiki

Builds are a combination of a Character Creation Base: That is Race, Gender and Background. A Levelling Scheme, manual or auto, then follows.


Auto Levelling Scheme (optional)[]

  • The game allows for optional Auto Levelling Schemes
  • This lets the game allocate your Character Points for you, level by level
  • This can be effective if you find a Scheme that you like, and that fits your base creation well

Types of Builds[]

  • Some Builds may be detailed level by level, bonus by bonus
  • Others Builds may just be general ideas that combine Race plus Background, and maybe an Auto Scheme

Official Builds[]

  • The game offer 12 official builds, complete with Auto Levelling Scheme, for players who want to get right into things
  • These builds cover all races, magick and tech, male and female, most approaches like melee, thieving, diplomacy
  • See the Pre-Generated Characters page for all of the details for what is available to you

Fan Builds[]

  • See below for a brief description of various fan builds, and a link to the build's dedicated page
  • If you have a favorite build of your own then feel free to create a page for it and add a link here to it :)

Detailed Builds[]

Beginner's Build[]

This is a build that gets you safely through the beginning of the game to the continent's Main City. It is designed for beginners who want to learn the game and its mechanics without burning any bridges or botching any options for the remainder of the game. Basically a Human Melee plus Charisma build.

Beginner's Tech Build[]

This is a build to let you safely explore tech and crafting, and to also gain some tech friendly companions along the way. Works best for Dwarves but it can be made to work for everyone except Elves and Half-elves.

Classic Druid[]

This is a build that uses the Druid Auto Leveling Scheme, the Nature Mage Background, and a starting race of Elf (Females do a little better with but Males are fine too). The key is to use the 5 starting Character Points strategically for some magickal offensive capability.

Halfling Tech Thief[]

This is a Build that relies on the Halfling's native abilities and a special background to augment them.

Half-Orc Secret Agent[]

This is a Build that relies on creative solutions based upon the newest Tenological Gadgets, and includes some classics like pistols, daggers, explosives, thievery, and a support cast of savvy side kicks.

Magick Thief[]

This is an advanced niche build for those looking to go heavy into stealth and espionage using Magick. It's a solo build with maybe Virgil. Focus is Elf with the Only Child background.

Techomage Assassin[]

This is a Build that relies on a balanced approach to Magick and Technology to develop the perfect stealth killing machine. Designed for Female Half-orcs, but Males can work it too. The build is super flexible for experimentation once the basic setup is in place

Master of All Skills[]

This build is for experienced users who wish to gain mastery training in all 16 Skills.

Concept Builds[]


Bards are similar to Diplomats, except that they are not afraid to get their hands (and morals) a little dirty. Charisma and Beauty are main, Persuasion and Intelligence are secondary, and finally mix in a little Melee. Add a touch of Magick and/or Tech to taste. Any race except Dwarves, Half-orcs and Half-ogres. Males (other than Halflings) do well with Charlatan's Protégé. In additional Females also do well with Débutante, or even Sent to Charm School for Human Females.


This build can be used for the player to talk their way through most situations, and have a load of followers to do the dirty work for the other situations. Charisma and Persuasion are key, with Intelligence and Beauty to top things off. Charlatan's Protégé and Débutante are good starts. Any race except Half-orcs and Half-ogres are ok, with Elves and Half-elves especially well.


Similar to Physician, but specializing more in Heal than in Therapeutics. An interesting combination here is a Female Half-elf or Female Half-orc plus the Mad Doctor background.


A Forestal build involves specializing in the Spell Colleges of Nature and Necro White. Often times is accompanied with Melee combat with Staffs and/or with other elemental spells. Elves and Nature Mages do well with this.


This is a Technician who practices Herbology and Therapeutics. Typically any race but Elves will do, with Bookworm being a safe choice. For the adventurous, try Male Half-orc with Sheltered Childhood, or Female Half-orc with either Miracle Operation or Sickly.


A Swords and/or Bow player with high Perception and Prowling, and usually some study of Nature and elemental spells. Elves and either Raised by Monks or Only Child (for the lonesome Ranger) can enhance this.

Jykell and Hyde[]

This is an extreme hybrid or technomage build based on an Elf with the Night Mage background and with the Unbugged Dark Helm. This can be played to a lesser degree without a Dark Helm but as an Half-elf. The idea is to have the best of the Magick and Technology worlds by manually manipulating one's Aptitude.