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Caladon is the capital of the Kingdom of Arland and one of the largest and most advanced cities on the continent of Arcanum, after Tarant.





Map of Caladon

1 - The Mushroom Inn[]

Local accomodation in Caladon.

Out front you'll find a newspaper lying on the ground. If you read it, then you'll be able to help investigate the Whytechurch murders once you talk to Chief Inspector Henderson at police headquarters (#19). 

Inside, in the main room, you can find Kietzel Pierce, the Bow Master. If you found Dudley Crosston for him, you won't get anything for telling him the news, but it is a required step if you want to become a bow master yourself. 

In Room Four you can find prowling master note 2

2 - The Toadstool[]

A tavern in the city.

3 - Thief[]

The thief will give you Thieves Underground quests for Caladon, provided you joined the Underground in Tarant . You can find another such thief in front of the Sobbing Onion (#6). 

4 - Caladon Fyne Armours[]

Armor shop in the city.

5 - Enchanted Panoply / Mystick Menagerie[]


6 - The Sobbing Onion[]

In the main room you can find Ryan Sanders and Albert Leek. Sanders will ask you to kill his father Jonathon at the family home (#8). Don't try to tell Jonathon what his son is up to; that will botch the quest for some reason. Instead, just kill him and then return to Ryan for your reward: 9,900 experience, 1000 gold, and -20 to your alignment. You can try to squeeze an additional 1000 gold out of Ryan, but that seems to always cause him to attack, frightening the other patrons in the bar, including Albert Leek, the Prowling Master. If you do kill Ryan, be sure to hang on to his timepiece, since it is an object for the Caladon Thieves Underground quests. 

In the back room you'll find Mr. Razzia, the Thieves Underground fence. Later in the game you'll learn he made a passport for Stennar Rock Cutter / Preston Radcliffe, and you'll be able to ask him about it.

7 - Murder Victim

The guard out front won't let you in until you speak with Chief Inspector Henderson at police headquarters (#19). 

8 - Sanders Residence[]

9 - Misk Residence[]

Between Wesley Carrington the butler and Lillian Misk, you'll learn that Victor Misk drowned four days earlier, and that he had been acting strangely before his death. If you ask Lillian about the book Horror Among the Dark Elves, she'll simply tell you what Victor told her, that he hid it "somewhere that only he and his old Dad would know." 

Finally, if you ask Lillian how it got out that Victor had a copy of the book, she'll ask you to look into the matter. Both servants will deny selling the information to Kendrick Wales, and Wesley the butler will even accuse Brinda the maid of the deed. 

To figure out who did it, first notice the passport under the left side of the couch in the front room of the house. It lists Wesley's address as 25 Dragon's Turnabout (#15). When you go there you'll find a note in the chest next to Wesley's bed. It reads, "Enclosed is the payment we agreed upon," but it's signed by Elmer Burbottom. 

To locate Burbottom, you'll have to go all the way back to Tarant to look him up at the Hall of Records. You'll find that his address is 14 Trellis Way in Ashbury . However, when you arrive there you'll find an assassin teleporting away and Burbottom (aka Kendrick Wales) in his death throes. He'll have just enough time to give up Wesley the butler before he dies. 

When you return to Lillian Misk in Caladon, you'll discover that Wesley was murdered during your absence, and you'll earn 800 experience, plus gain some alignment, for letting Lillian know he was the culprit. 

The book in the display case in the living room is a part of the Iron Clan quest. Lillian Misk has the key to the case in her inventory, and you can steal or buy it from her to get the book. 

10 - Rosemary's Therapeutic Tinctures[]

Medical items shop.

11 - Museum of Caladon[]

The major museum institution of the city, located near Dragon's Turnabout.

12 - Arthur Tyron's Residence[]

Tyron is the next stop in the quest started by Matt de Cesare in Tarant. When you tell Tyron that de Cesare sent you, and when you give him the skulls of the Ren'ar Siamese twins (worth 3,100 experience), he'll tell you that gnomes are kidnapping human women and forcing them to breed with ogres , all to create half-ogres for gnomes to use as bodyguards. He'll then ask you to go to Half-ogre Island and find proof of these breeding experiments.

You can now ask the ship captain (#25) to take you to Half-ogre Island. When you arrive there you won't find much, mostly just abandoned machinery and old bones. However, on the eastern side of the main building in the area, you should find a chest with a journal in it. Picking up the journal is worth 8500 experience and a fate point. Reading it should confirm what Tyron claimed. 

But when you get back to Tyron's house you'll find him gone and a gnome in his place. The gnome will elaborate on the information contained in the journal, but (in a tribute to The X-Files), this is where the quest ends. If you want, you can sell the journal to the Caladon branch of The Tarantian (#20), but when you go back later, you'll learn that the newspaperman you sold it to was an imposter. If you try selling it to the main editor in Tarant instead, he'd tell you to go to the Caladon branch. If you then return to him and accuse him of sending you to the imposter, he'd deny the conversation ever took place. 

13 - Adam Maxwell's Residence

If you're with the Thieves Underground, Maxwell will ask you to steal the book Divinations and Magicks for the Adept Wizard from Lillian Misk (#9). The book is in the back room of the house; it's not the book in the display case in the front room. At night Lillian retires to her bedroom but leaves the front door unlocked, so the book should be easy to pick up. When you give it to Maxwell, you'll earn 3100 experience and 250 (or 350) gold. 

You can also take a second job from Maxwell, to steal the Necklace of Queen K'na S'eafrom the Museum of Caladon (#11). The museum has better defenses than Lillian Misk. As soon as you open the safe in the back room, two poisonous mechanized arachnids will attack. If the battle is too difficult for you, you can attack the arachnids first (provided you can find them hiding along the wall next to the door), and fight them one at a time. When you give the necklace to Maxwell, you'll receive 6400 experience and 550 (or 750) gold. 

14 - Daniel McPherson's Residence

McPherson is the Disarm Traps Master. The trapdoor in his house leads to a trap-filled basement that you need to navigate to become a master yourself. Otherwise it's not very interesting. 

15 - Wesley Carrington's Residence[]

16 - Cemetery[]

If you have Virgil with you, then as soon as you enter the cemetery he'll leave your group and walk over to the grave of Lawrence Brummond. Notice that Brummond died in 1884 and the game started in January of 1885. When you approach Virgil, he won't tell you anything about Brummond, but he'll rejoin your group. 

Otherwise, the thing to do in the cemetery is dig up the grave of Victor Misk (this makes sense if you've already visited Lillian Misk, #9). For the job you'll need a shovel. If you don't have a shovel already, you can sometimes find them for sale at general stores and junk shops. You can also get one from Bingham Schulefest, the dwarf standing near the entrance to the cemetery. If you're persuasive he'll give you a shovel; otherwise it will cost you 500 (or 450) gold to buy one from him. If you tell him why you need his help, he will attack you, since he is one of Molochean's Hand. You can also steal the shovel from him. Finally, one of the small buildings surrounding the cemetery usually has a shovel in it. 

Note: If you have Magnus with you, then Bingham will identify him as Malcolm Schulefest. 

Once you have a shovel, you'll have to use it on the mound of dirt at Victor Misk's grave. The easiest way to do that is to put the shovel into one of your hotkey slots, select it there and then select the mound of dirt. Sometimes you can do this in plain sight of the patrolling guards and they won't care, but usually you'll have to wait for the guards to go to sleep at night and then dig up the grave. 

Inside the grave you'll find a book "purchased at the Roseborough Gift Shop." It's not Horror Among the Dark Elves, but instead it's a book of stories including one about how Nasrudin defeated Arronax. However, having seen the name Roseborough, you can now ask Bingham Schulefest or Lillian Misk about Roseborough and have the city marked on your map. 

17 - Armory[]

The armory is located through the locked trapdoor. In a chest in the armory you can find a balanced sword  and Caladon crusading chain. The chain can be used in one of the Thieves Underground quests. 

18 - Gnome and Halfling[]

When you talk to the gnome, you'll find out that his partner the halfling sold their equipment for some magic beans. That will give you the option of buying the beans for 1000 gold. Go ahead and do it. The beans are Leanore's Legumes of Life and Longevity, which give Full Heal and Resurrect (once you identify them), so they're worth the price. 

19 - Police Headquarters[]

Assuming you read the newspaper in front of the Mushroom Inn (#1), then when you talk to Chief Inspector Henderson (the gnome), he'll allow you to help investigate the recent "Whytechurch" murders in the area. He'll even let you question a prostitute named Renee, who might have seen something. Renee will tell you that the murderer was built like an elf, and somehow got to the murder scene without using the front door. 

So pick either of the first two murder sites (#7) -- they're both the same -- and look it over. You'll find a trapdoor that appears much too heavy to use. When you report that finding to Henderson, he won't be impressed, but he will tell you about a third murder at the Mushroom Inn (#1), Room Two. At this new location you'll find the name "L'anamelach" written in green blood (you could also have gotten the name by conjuring the spirit of one of the first two victims). 

When you tell Chief Inspector Henderson about the name, he'll say it sounds like a demon, and he'll suggest you talk to a demonologist. There's a demonologist named Eakins in Tarant, but if you've spoken to him already, you can simply wire him at the telegraph office (#21) to learn what he knows. Otherwise you'll have to trek all the way back to Tarant and visit him at the university. 

Professor Eakins will give you a book, and the book will explain the history of L'anamelach, along with the fact that you'll need the Blade of Xerxes to kill the demon. The blade can be found in the Pit of Fires, and reading the book will mark the location of the pit on yourworld map

After you've acquire the blade and returned to Henderson, he'll grant you permission to enter the old part of the sewers (through Exit B). The old sewers are much smaller than the new sewers, and so it won't take you long to find Vincent / L'anamelach. Vincent won't be aggressive towards you, so talk to him if you want, and then attack him. Possibly, you only need to use the Blade of Xerxes to strike the killing blow, but it's better to use it and nothing else, just to be safe. Similarly, you should tell all of your followers to wait some distance away to make sure they don't join in the fight. If you do things right, Vincent will die; if not, L'anamelach will go free, botching the quest (but otherwise not affect the game in any way). 

When you return to Chief Inspector Henderson, he'll give you your 2000 gold reward. 

20 - Caladon Branch of The Tarantian[]

The local branch of the Tarant daily newspaper

21 - Telegraph Office[]

The telegraph office of the city.

22 - Caladon Zoo[]

The city zoo, located next to Saint's Avenue, at its farther end.

23 - Maxim's Workshop[]

Inside you'll find Hieronymous Maxim, inventor of the mechanized gun and the aeroplane. If you talk to him you'll learn that it was his planes that were stolen and used against the zeppelin where you started the game. Since his planes are now gone and destroyed, he'll ask you to find proof that they ever existed. The proof you need is the camera from the Crash Site. (You might remember the opening movie, where the photographer was cut down just as he snapped a picture of the planes.) If you sold it to Ristezze in Shrouded Hills, he should still have it if you want to buy it or steal it back. 

When you give the camera to Maxim, he'll give you a mechanized arachnid plus the schematic to build more, and you'll also receive 9900 experience. Further, Maxim will offer to build you a mechanized gun should you bring him the parts for it -- a Repeater Rifle and a Clarington Rifle. He will also repair items for you.

Note: To use the arachnid, put it in one of your hotkey slots, select it, and then click on the ground. 

24 - Wit Residence[]

Inside you'll meet David Wit and his daughter Cynthia. From them you'll learn that some beast has been preying on their rabbits, and that Cynthia has suddenly started having bad dreams. To figure out what's going on, wait outside the house at night. You'll witness a lycanthrope come out of Cynthia's bedroom, kill a rabbit, and then go back inside. Be sure to keep your followers far away, or else they might come to the aid of the rabbit. 

Talk to David Wit again and tell him what you saw. That will earn you 3600 experience, and Wit will ask you to find a cure for his daughter. Agree to look for one rather than insisting on killing the daughter. You'll find the cure when you reach Tulla (from the mistress of morph). When you give it to David you'll receive 5600 experience, 1000 gold, and a fate point. 

25 - Ship Captain[]

26 - Shipwreck[]

Farther down the coast you'll find a shipwreck. The most useful thing you'll find among the debris is a small steam engine.  Edit: there's a chest of gold on the ship, near a corpse with armor.

27 - Bullors[]

If you made a deal with Heinrich Jenks in Tarant to assassinate King Farad, then you'll meet Bullors here. By clicking on the big box next to him, you'll be transported into the palace. 

28 - Gypsy[]

Gypsies sell magical items and potions. They can also identify items for you.

Known streets[]

  • Whytechurch Landing
  • Dragon's Turnabout
  • Gray Wolf Terrace
  • Saint's Avenue
  • Old King's Way


A. - Grate to the sewers. 

B. - Guarded entrance to the sewers. 

C. - Entrance to the First Panarii Temple

D. - Entrance to the Caladon Palace.


  • None



  • Caladon is one of the few settlements in the game that has its own musical leitmotif, or outright two: "Caladon" is the city's general theme and "Caladon Catacombs" is heard while exploring a certain subterranean section of the city.
  • Caladon's name hints at Caledonia, the name used for today's Scotland during antiquity and occassionally during the earlier Middle Ages. The term still sees use as a poetic name for Scotland.
  • Caladan is also a verdant, Earth-like planet that serves as the seat of the aristocratic House Atreides in Frank Herbert's Dune series of science fiction novels.

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