Arcanum: Of Steamworks and Magick Obscura Wiki
  • There are seven quests available from the Caladon Black Market
    • You can only have four active quests at one time
    • Quests can be obtained from various other underground members
    • Quests are completed by returning items to Mr. Razzia

Black Market[]

Retrieve the Caladon Crusading Armor[]

The armor is stored in an underground facility beneath one of the armories in the eastern portion of the city. It is in a locked chest, but unguarded except for a few rock rats in the caverns

Retrieve the Chest Of Gold[]

The chest is found on a shipwreck found along the coast just south of the rural portion of the city. The area is unguarded.

Retrieve the Magick Necklace[]

The necklace is in a locked and trapped chest in room 3 of the Mushroom Inn. It is unguarded during the day, but the room is occupied by its two residence at night.

Retrieve the Post Bound For Tarant[]

The post is located in the Port and Dock warehouse, in a locked large crate on the left. The area is lightly patrolled by dock workers and city guards.

Retrieve Ryan Marshall's Police Record[]

Ryan Marshall’s police record can be found in a cabinet in the side hall of the Caladon Police Headquarters. The police station is heavily guarded.

Retrieve Ryan Sanders' Pocket Watch[]

The pocket watch can be found on one Ryan Sanders, a patron in the Sobbing Onion. The pub is quite crowded, and Sanders is accompanied by an Half-ogre bodyguard.

Retrieve the Staff Of Restoration[]

The staff of Restoration is in a locked chest in the cellar under Johnathon Sanders home. The entrance to the cellar is guarded by Sanders and his two Half-ogre bodyguards. The cellar itself is unguarded.

Adam Maxwell[]

Steal the book "Divinations and Magicks For The Adept Wizard"[]

The book is found in a locked case in the library of the Misk Residence. The front room is guarded by the butler at night, and also by Mrs. Misk by day.

Steal the Necklace of Queen Kna Sea[]

The necklace is found in a locked safe in the Caladon Museum. The museum has no other visitors, but it is guarded by several mechanical arachnids.