Called shots Edit

Note that called shots can only target the head, arms or legs. Non-called shots are randomly distributed to parts of the body (not equally; most are torso shots). So if you do not make a called shot, you will still hit your target’s head, arms or legs occasionally.

You can’t make a called arm shot on an avian, but you can target a quadruped’s forelegs with a called “arm” shot. You can’t make any called shots on amorphous creatures.

The called shot penalties for head, arms and legs are -50, -30 and -30, respectively. Firearms can have these penalties reduced by 1/3rd with expert training.

All called shots provide +10% better chance than non-called shots for generic effects, like doing bonus damage. Otherwise, the effects are as follows:

  • Head with no helmet: +25% stun, +25% knocked out, +15% blinded (in addition to all other effects, like crushing or electrical damage has increases for stunning or knockout)
  • Head with helmet: No bonus chance to stun or knock out, but +10% to blind. Plus, if doing crushing damage, 15% chance to knock off the helmet.
  • Leg: +10% crippled leg, +25% knocked down (bipeds only)
  • Arm: +10% crippled arm

Controls Edit

Called shots can be made by holding down the following keys before clicking on an enemy. The cursor will change based on the called shot being made.

, (comma) - head shots 
. (period) - arm shots 
/ (forward slash) - leg shots

Possible Effects Edit

All of the following effects are possible with a single blow — a critical hit can inflict triple damage and cripple an arm and stun its target. Of course, some of the effects can’t happen at once (for example, you can’t cripple both an arm and a leg with one blow). And the first three effects (tripled, doubled and +50% damage) are mutually exclusive — you can’t get more than one of these.

Triple damage Edit

10% (base)

Double damage Edit

30% (base)

+50% damage Edit

60% (base; automatic if no other critical result occurs)

Stun Edit

5% (base)

Crushing attack +10%

Electrical attack +10%

Head hit +10% (if no helmet)

Defense (save)

((5 x Constitution) -25)%

(no effect if save)


Amorphous monsters (elementals, wisps and so forth) and undead cannot be stunned.

Knock Out Edit

If stunned, there is an equal chance for a knock out.


Your own character (your PC) can’t be knocked out.

Crippled Arm Edit

1% (base, but only if an arm is hit)

Defense (save)

((5 x Constitution) -25)%

(no effect if save)


Amorphous monsters, snakes, birds and undead cannot get crippled arms.

Crippled Leg Edit

1% (base, but only if a leg is hit)

Defense (save)

((5 x Constitution) -25)%

(no effect if save)


Amorphous monsters, snakes and undead can’t get crippled legs.

Helmet Knocked Off Edit

5% (base, but only if a crushing blow to a helmeted head)

Blinded Edit

1% (base, but only if head is hit)

Target wears helmet -1%

Defense (save)

(5 x Constitution)%

(no effect if save)

Scarring Edit

5% (base)


If you’re already scarred, then you can’t scar yourself again on a critical miss.

Knock Down Edit

5% (base; only to biped creatures)

Crushing weapon +5

Leg is hit +10%

Weapon damage Edit

10% base chance to damage the opponent’s wielded weapon

Weapon dropped Edit

10% base chance to disarm the opponent

Armor damaged Edit

10% base chance to damage opponent’s armor

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