Arcanum: Of Steamworks and Magick Obscura Wiki

You will encounter many types of Characters in the game: some major, some minor, some helpful, and others less so. Even the player themselves have a choice on how they join the world of Arcanum.

The Player Character[]

The Player has a variety of choices to start the game, including Pre-Generated Characters, new characters with an Auto Levelling Scheme, or pure manually managed characters.


Followers are companions that may accompany and assist the player during the game. Some may have their own agenda and only stay temporarily, while others can be there for the full journey.


NPCs or non-player characters will interact with the player and their party. Some are voiced and play a major part in the game. Others are there just to fill the scene. Most are in the middle and have some role to play.


The images or Portraits of characters often help cast them as individuals rather than just another face in the crowd. Some are reserved for the Player, and specific Followers and NPCs. Others are for more generic NPCs.