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This is the general Character template for non-follower NPCs. You can cut and paste it into a new or existing page, and then fill in the blanks. This has some flexibility depending upon if the NPC is a major or minor Character. See below for examples of both.

'' "Quote” ''<br>
{{infobox character
|name= Character name
|image= thumnail
|imagewidth= If Needed
|role= Quest NPC, type of follower (regular, special, temp)
|gender= Male/Female
|race= Race
|alignment= Good, Evil, Neutral
|aptitude= Magickal, Neutral, Tecnological
|level= x
|health= x
|fatigue= x
|statistics= [[Strength|ST]] x, [[Constitution|CN]] x, [[Dexterity|DX]] x, [[Beauty|BE]] x<br>
[[Intelligence|IN]] x, [[Willpower|WP]] x, [[Perception|PE]] x, [[Charisma|CH]] x
|location= City or special location
|voiced= Yes or no
|actor = NA or Link

Where the can be found

What are they doing in relation to the player

Or they part of a quest

== Interactions == 
Do they interact with the player or other party members

== Levelling Scheme == 
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== Gallery ==

== Background ==

As applicable
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