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Charisma (abbreviated as "CH") is the sum of a person's personality and charm. A character's charisma affects his or her ability to persuade others, and also determines the maximum number of NPCs who will follow in that character's party.

As with other primary stats, there is a special bonus for gaining a charisma value of 20 or higher: followers will not leave the party if the player's actions and decisions conflict with their morals. They will only depart if asked to – never of their own accord.

In the final game, the maximum number of followers allowed is calculated such that one follower is permitted for every four points of charisma, rounded down, with a minimum of one:

  • 1-7 CH = 1 follower
  • 8-11 CH = 2 followers
  • 12-15 CH = 3 followers
  • 16-19 CH = 4 followers
  • 20 CH = 5 followers

Being an expert in persuasion grants +1 max follower. The "Educator" character background reduces the max number of followers allowed by 1 (minimum 1).

A note in an interview mentioned that the number of followers the can be in the party is determined by CH/4 + 2.[1]

Increasing charisma[]

  • Jewel of Hebe Aptitude: Neutral; Statistics: 2 BE, 1 CH, 1 WE, 5 QU. Necklace can be found in a chest in the Panarii temple in Tarant.
  • Ring of Influence Aptitude: Magickal; Statistics: (+3) BE, (+3) CH, (+3) persuasion, (+3) haggle, 1 WE, 5 QU; Ring worn by J.M. Morat in Grant's Tavern in Tarant.
  • Gypsy blessing (You have to solve the missing painting quest first, if you want to get the blessing) - CH +1; Tarant; Give Madame Toussaude's crystal ball to Delores Beston as she requests.
  • Ancient Gods blessing - Kai'tan , goddess of balance. Altar of this are hard to find: the Gorgoth's Pass (1500W, 1444S). If you come back from the Caladon, should stubbornly go east, mowing all creatures right and left, and then turn north until you hit the altar. But do not have to suffer with the offering - Geode, who craves a goddess, lying literally underfoot. For this we get +1 beauty, +1 charisma, +8 persuasion, +4 haggle, +4 Bow. In order to get those bonuses, you have to give offerings to 14 other ancient gods (in order: Ter'el 2. Makaal 3. Alberich 4. Geshtianna 5. Halcyon 6. Torg 7. Bolo 8. Kerlin 9. Shakar 10. Moorindal 11. Alberich 12. Makaal 13. Kerlin 14. Bolo and then 15. Kai'tan)
  • Vivifier - Permanently increases Intelligence, Willpower, Perception, Charisma, Strength, Constitution, Dexterity and Beauty


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