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"Chukka’s a good guy. If you get too shady in what you do, he’ll warn you. Chukka’s not much of a conversationalist. He’s a fighter and a carrier of heavy things. In general you’ll find that you’ll run out of space in his inventory before he starts to slow down significantly."


Chukka can be found on the second floor of the Bates Mansion in Tarant.


Chukka is seen at the side of Gilbert Bates during the day, and patrolling the hallway outside Bates' bedroom at night


  • Chukka will join as a permanent Follower provided:
    • The Player does not have Dumb Dialogue speech
    • The player has been working with Gilbert Bates to solve the Black Mountain Clan mystery
    • The player has explored the BMC mines, but has not yet gone to the Isle of Despair
    • Gilbert Bates offers Chukka's services, which requires:
    • The player is at least level 15
    • The player does not have an Evil alignment

Special Follower Considerations[]

Although Chukka can only join just prior to exploring the Isle of Despair, he can rejoin after waiting or being disbanded anytime after that.


Chukka only has the basic follower dialogue options

Levelling Scheme[]

Chukka is a fighter who specializes in Melee and Dodge
Show Details

  • Melee 1
  • Dodge 1
  • Strength 10
  • Dexterity 10
  • Melee 2
  • Dodge 2
  • Strength 12
  • Dexterity 12
  • Willpower 10
  • Melee 3
  • Dodge 3
  • Strength 15
  • Dexterity 15
  • Willpower 12
  • Melee 4
  • Dodge 4
  • Strength 18
  • Dexterity 18
  • Willpower 14
  • Melee 5
  • Dodge 5
  • Strength 20
  • Willpower 16
  • Max HPs 300



At some point in the past Gilbert Bates saved Chukka's life, upon which he became Bates' personal bodyguard


PRIMA’S OFFICIAL STRATEGY GUIDE incorrectly lists Chukka as an Half-ogre