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This is the city template. This is primarily for places that have many import NPCs, many Quests, and/or shops. You can cut and paste it into a new or existing page, and then fill in the blanks. See below for examples.

|name = City or location name
|type = City, town, complex
|coordinates = west and south
|inhabitants = Notable NPCs, 
|quests = Each available quest

'''Name''' And a brief Description 

[[File:world map image location]]

Give the coordinates, the general location, how it gets added to the map, and any special considerations (hidden entrance, etc).

[[File:local map image]] if applicable, with instructions

[[File:image of the local area, town]]

Brief description

*Can fill in with bullets for simple sites

===And/Or with Fill in with Headers ===

===Or a mixture of both===
[[File:with additional images]] if applicable , especially id with different levels

Categories as applicable
[[Category:Caves and Mines]]
[[Category:Quest NPCs]]