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The Clan Wars was a Dwarven civil war between the loyalists lead by Loghaire Thunder Stone and a the rebellion lead by Lorek the Abjurer.

The Clan Wars was a most devastating five-hundred-year-long conflict among the dwarven clans. Gigantic war machines never seen before or since were used, many dwarves have died, whole clans were wiped from the face Arcanum.

Lorek the Abjurer was a charismatic dwarf from the Wheel Clan whose outlook started the Clan Wars. He believed that the dwarves from his clan were superior to the others and that they should rule over all dwarven clans, acting as their masters rather than mentors, while those who disagree should be put to death. "His words were evil yet he spoke them well"

The war against Lorek the Abjurer ended in the Pass of Gorgoth when Loghaire, in victory and armed with Harrow, burned Lorek alive, along with ten thousand of his dwarven followers.