Clarisse Vorak is one of twelve pre-made player characters, available to players of Arcanum from the "Pick Character" selection screen, under the "New Game" option in the main menu.

Clarisse is a female half-orc, a survivor of the mysterious attack on the IFS Zephyr and the airship's subsequent crash landing.

Stats Edit

  • Stats:
  • Carry Weight: 4000
  • Damage Bonus: -1
  • AC Adjustment: -2
  • Speed: 8
  • Heal Rate: 3
  • Poison Recovery: 10
  • Reaction Modifier: -18

Biography Edit

Until a little while ago, Clarisse Vorak had a bright future. Having recently moved to the city from a small town, she had apprenticed herself to a well-respected doctor and was well on her way to earning advanced degrees in the Anatomical and Therapeutic disciplines. She was a gifted student and a quick learner.

That all changed when it was discovered that the small town she was from was actually an orcish tribe. Times and attitudes being what they are, she has been asked to leave her apprenticeship. All of her friends have abandoned her, and her landlord has evicted her on "social" grounds.

In the hopes that the new world has shed such prejudices, she has purchased a ticket on the IFS Zephyr, bound for Tarant...

Trivia Edit

  • One of two similarly named half-orc female characters in the game. The other is Clarissa Shalmo, an NPC in Black Root that offers advanced training in the throwing skill. It's unclear whether Clarisse/Clarissa is meant to be a popular female name among the half-orc inhabitants of Arcanum, or was just an unintentional naming coincidence on part of the developers.

Gallery Edit

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