Arcanum: Of Steamworks and Magick Obscura Wiki

This is a build that uses the Druid Auto Leveling Scheme, the Nature Mage Background, and a starting race of Elf (Females do a little better with this, but Males are fine too). The key is to use the 5 starting Character Points strategically for some magickal offensive capability.

The Blimp[]

  • At the Start, select "Options"


  • On the Options Screen, select "Real Time" and "Easy" (or Medium or Hard for an extra challenge)


  • At the first Screen, select Elf, (Female is best), and Nature Mage

DScreen 1

  • On the next Screen, this is the screen where you can spend your 5 starting Character Points

DScreen 2

  • Take one point in Charisma to recruit Sogg Mead Mug a bit later
  • Select the "Magick" Button (BLUE)
  • Take two points in Earth for Strength of Earth and Stone Throw (Direct Damage)
  • Take two points in Force for Shield of Protection and Jolt (Area Damage)
  • Next push the Leveling Scheme button in the upper left corner, and choose "Druid" (RED)
  • Druid Levelling Scheme -- This is how the remainder of your points will be allocated for you

Show Details

  • Nature 1
  • Constitution 9
  • White Necro 1
  • Nature 2
  • White Necro 2
  • Intelligence 12
  • Melee 1
  • Dexterity 9
  • Nature 3
  • Constitution 11
  • Intelligence 15
  • White Necro 3
  • Nature 4
  • White Necro 4
  • Constitution 13
  • Nature 5
  • White Necro 5
  • Melee 2
  • Dexterity 10
  • Intelligence 18
  • Constitution 15
  • Dexterity 12
  • Constitution 20
  • Strength 20

  • On the final screen, buy Virgil a Rapier

DScreen 3

  • If Male, then sell your suit and buy robes, boots and 3 Fatigue potions for yourself
  • If Female, then sell your dress and buy robes, boots, and 2 Fatigue potions for yourself
  • Also seriously consider buying a fancy dress; if you always wear it except in battle, then it pays for itself quite quickly

Crash Site[]

  • At the Crash Site, give Virgil the Rapier and take his staff
  • Equip your robes, boots, and staff
  • Hotkey your main spells
  • Use the remaining hotkeys as you like


  • Option 1 is to use Stone Throw against single enemies, and Jolt against a mob
    • You can one-shot most early single enemies at a distance with Stone Throw, giving you time to rest between kills
    • You can also one-shot the rats in the cave with Jolt when they swarm you (AoE damage)
  • Option 2 is to let Virgil do the killing with his rapier.
  • Option 3 is just a combination of both
  • Note that you should not be using your staff for melee except in emergency, as you have a high chance of critical failure with no ranks or training

Leaving the Crash Site[]

  • Loot everything at the Crash Site so that you can sell it later
  • Talk to the dead thief in the cave. You can either outright accept or reject his quest, but either way it starts you on your First Adventure
  • On your way out, you will be confronted by a dark individual. Deal with him as you like
  • Shortly after, Virgil will suggest to use the world map to leave
    • You should take his advice and go to Shrouded Hills
    • You could battle through the canyon for a while, levelling up on about another dozen wolves, but you should skip the wolves for now, and come back later when you have a stronger party

Quest (optional)[]

  • If you opt-in for the quest, then do that AFTER recruiting Sogg in Shrouded Hills

Shrouded Hills[]

  • Go the the Inn recruit Sogg Mead Mug, and look for Elder Joachim
  • Clear out the Temple and use it for your base of operations; it has 3 containers that you can use for sorting and storage
  • Sell all of your loot that you don't want
  • Talk to everyone, but do not sell the ring to anyone!
  • Do as many quests as you can
  • Explore and loot as many buildings as you can, selling and equipping as you can
  • Finish the Bandits and Priest quest, and clear out the remaining wolves in the crash site valley leading out

Leaving Shrouded Hills[]

  • You will have to deal with some brigands at the main bridge
  • Settle them as you like, and you should have some new spells (like "Entangle") which can be a big help if you decide to fight
  • You may want to go to Dernholm first if you are questing
  • Tarant will be your alternative first choice

Final Thoughts[]

  • Note that as a Nature Mage, your powers will sometimes be weaker in the city
    • However there are always spots of natural surface (dirt, grass, etc) within the city where you you will be at full strength
  • You can get additional help by going to Ashbury (via Tarant) to rescue a very special Dog
  • As you get close to level 11, you may want to go to Black Root (via Dernholm) to recruit Dante
  • As you get close to level 15, you will probably be ready to follow The Main Quest to the Black Mountain Clan, via forcing Stillwater and using it as your you main base to explore the mines
  • You may think about adding new followers later like Jormund, Perriman Smythe, or Raven by swapping out Sogg
  • But once you clear the BMC you will be good to go as-is, all the way to the end :)