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"If you could plant something on him, and then report him to the Captain of the Guard in Roseborough, it would clear our name."
-Renzo the Halfling Gang Leader

"Clear the Halfling Gang" is a side-quest that you will come across while exploring Roseborough and the surrounding area.


  • There is a rumor in Roseborough about a gang of thieves hiding in a cave along the western slope of the Stonewall Range.
  • If the player finds the cave, then they will discover that the opening is too small for median and large races to enter.
  • If the player manages to enter the cave, then they will meet a band of Halfling thieves lead by one Renzo.
  • Renzo will explain that halflings were double-crossed by a Human named Frederick regarding a museum heist.
  • Renzo will ask you to frame Frederick for the crime.
  • His plan is to give you a statue to plant on Frederick, and then have you report Frederick to the Roseborough Captain of the Guard.
  • Doing this should implicate Frederick and clear the Halfling gang of the crime.

Frederick path[]

  • Frederick is often found at the bar in the Roseborough Inn.
  • Planting requires the skill of pick pocketing. This means that a Fate Point for pick pockets will also work here.
  • If the plant is successful then report Frederick to the Captain of the Guard at at the barracks, implicating him.
  • Then return to the Thieves Cave for your reward of 4600 exp and 500 gp.

Renzo path[]

  • Rather than planting the statue, you can instead go to the Captain of the Guard at at the barracks directly.
  • Once there you can give him the location Halflings' hideout.
  • Doing so gives you a reward of 150 gp.


  • Median and large players and their followers can enter the cave if they use a scroll or spell of Shrink.
  • If the effect wears off while in the cave, then they can still leave freely.
  • Shrunken players get the usual modified dialogue while shrunk.
  • Players will need to Shrink a second time in order to return to the cave for their reward.
  • A player can have their party wait outside the cave while conducting business inside.