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"Looking to join up with Damian Maug's clan, eh? Good choice. Healthy choice too, if you get my meaning. I got an easy job for you, collectin'. There's this bloke Larrs, fell a bit behind on the payments, he did. Someone, that would be you, needs to drop in on old Larrs and collect."
-Muggs, enforcor for Clan Maug


This is a quest that you can come across in Tarant's southern district, the The Boil, if the player is looking to join Clan Maug.


The Pub[]

  • If the player is interested in joining Clan Maug, then they first need to talk to Muggs in the local pub
  • Muggs will send the player to collect an overdue payment of 200gp from Larrs
  • Payment due is either 200gp or Larrs' death

Larrs' House[]

  • The player can find Larrs at home
  • Larrs will state that he only has 25gp, that he is sick, and that his family is starving
  • The player can either kill Larrs, or take the 25gp and cover the difference, or simply cover the entire amount

The Pub[]

  • When the player returns to the pub, they can report to Muggs that they have killed Larrs
  • Or they can give Muggs 200gp if they are covering Larrs' debt
  • In either case the player a reward of 25 gp, 3100 exp, and an invite to see Damian Maug


Simply accepting this quest will mark you as a target for Clan Pollock members while in their territory