Available Quests Edit

Notable Locations:Edit

1 - Starting Location Edit

As soon as the game starts, Virgil will rush up to you and begin speaking. He'll tell you that you're the "Living One" (the reincarnation of Nasrudin), and he'll suggest that you seek out his mentor, Elder Joachim, in Shrouded Hills. Go ahead and agree. If you're planning to maintain a magical or neutral aptitude, then Virgil is a worthwhile companion.

Also at this spot you'll find the body of Preston Radcliffe, the man who was speaking to you during the opening cinematic sequence. Click on his body and take the Matchbook from the Roseborough Inn and Preston Radcliffe's Passport.

2 - Body of Wilhemina Carpenter Edit

You'll find Wilhemina's Note to Jared. Jared works as a guard at Vermillion Station in Tarant. You can deliver the note to him later in the game.

3 - Body of Isaac Zapruder Edit

You'll find a camera. You can use the camera in two later quests.

4 - Wrecked Plane Edit

Notice that the plane has a plaque that reads, "Maxim Machinery, Caladon." Also be sure to click on the dead ogre pilot and take its amulet. You'll later learn the amulet bears the symbol of the Molochean Hand.

5 - Kite Shaman Edit

Even though he's listed as level 12, you and Virgil should be able to take him. Once he's dead, don't forget to loot the chest next to him.

6 - Altar Edit

If Virgil is in your party, he will stop to read the altar's text, saying, "And the spirit of Nasrudin shall be reborn on wings of fire in hills shrouded in fog, and fight the last battle with the evil one.". If you look at it yourself, you will find that it says "-Archaeon 5:16" as well.

7 - Encounter Edit

A man will come up to you and ask about the crash. If you let Virgil do the talking, he'll drive the man off. If you do the talking, you'll discover the man is an assassin, sent to make sure there were no survivors in the crash. If you kill him, you'll find that he's wearing an amulet identical to the one you found on the ogre pilot.

Exits: Edit

(A) Exit to the world map. If you want to get some extra experience, instead of using the world map you can continue down the path out of the Crash Site. You'll find some wolves and ailing wolves to fight along the way, which can be killed for some extra experience provided that your character is strong enough to fight them.

(B) Exit to the Crash Site Cave.

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