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"I was born here. It was not a bad life, as it were, until my mother died last year. She kept the worst of it from me. Since her passsing I have become abused and treated like common property. [But] there is a tribe of nomadic women on this island. If I could escape from here, I believe they would allow me to join with them."
-A Conversation with Cynthia Boggs


Cynthia can be found outside her home in the penal colony on the Isle of Despair.

Circumstances and Quests[]

  • Cynthia will tell the player that she is unhappy with life within the colony, and wishes to leave.
  • She asks for help in doing so since she is not allowed outside.


  • Cynthia will join as a temporary Follower provided:
  • She will leave the party when:
    • She is taken to the nomadic women's camp
    • She is taken to Ashbury when the player returns to the mainland

Special Follower Considerations[]

  • While she will not join if Thorvald is present, Cynthia will not object if you add him afterwards
  • If the player does not offer to escort Cynthia out but instead gives her a revolver from the nomads, then she will rush the gate and be swiftly cut down, botching her quest


  • Cynthia has no dialogue options
  • She will interact with the following characters:
    • Colony guards
    • Thorvald
    • Lorria, the leader of the nomadic women

Levelling Scheme[]

Cynthia is a fighter who specializes in Melee and Dodge, and who also uses the Heal skill
Show Details

  • melee 4
  • dodge 4
  • heal 4
  • max hps 50
  • max fatigue 50
  • melee 8
  • dodge 8
  • heal 8
  • max hps 75
  • max fatigue 75
  • melee 12
  • dodge 12
  • heal 12
  • max hps 100
  • max fatigue 100
  • melee 20
  • dodge 20
  • heal 20
  • max hps 300
  • max fatigue 300



Little is known of Cynthia's upbringing, other than that her mother was a convict sent to the penal colony before Cynthia was born. Cynthia's mother was also the source of information about the nomadic women given in case Cynthia should ever want to leave.