D'ren Le'lor is one of twelve pre-made player characters, available to players of Arcanum from the "Pick Character" selection screen, under the "New Game" option in the main menu.

D'ren is a male elf, a survivor of the mysterious attack on the IFS Zephyr and the airship's subsequent crash landing.

Stats Edit

  • Stats:
  • Carry Weight: 3500
  • Damage Bonus: -1
  • AC Adjustment: -1
  • Speed: 9
  • Heal Rate: 2
  • Poison Recovery: 6
  • Reaction Modifier: -3

Biography Edit

D'ren Le'lor is a dreamer. The son of an elven hunter, D'ren found himself more interested in the history of Arcanum than he did in bowmanship, although he was quite proficient in the latter as well, and was often found in the library, poring over the ancient texts and manuscripts. Magick came easily to him, and he spent much time studying the ancient runes while his friends were off engaging in contests of physical skill and horseplay.

To D'ren, the world is a large and wonderful place. So tonight, after leaving a heartfelt note to his parents saying he would return soon, he has stolen away to the nearest town, where he's booked passage on the IFS Zephyr, bound for Tarant at first light.

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