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Derived Statistics, also known as Derived Stats for short, are a creature's secondary line of Statistics. Usually they cannot be directly modified by Character Points, but rather by the eight primary Statistics themselves. The exceptions to this rule would be Total Hit Points and Fatigue, which a player can increase directly.


From Strength we derive:

Hit Points[]

  • +2 per point.
  • This is a measure of the Character's current physical well-being.
  • Hit Points are lost when the body is damaged.
  • When a Character's number of Hit Points reaches 0, they are dead.
  • Hit Points are recovered at a rate determined by Heal Rate (see below).

Carry Weight[]

  • +500 stone per point
  • This determines how much total weight a character can carry, and their degree of encumbrance.
  • There are 7 levels of encumbrance: None; Light; Moderate; Medium; Significant; Heavy; Severe.
  • Being encumbered results in the Character's Speed being decreased.
  • At higher levels of encumbrance the Character's Fatigue also decreases every few seconds.

Damage Adjustment[]

  • +1 (above 10) or -1 (below 9) per point.
  • A person of great Strength has a bonus in any melee attack.
  • The Damage bonus is limited to a weapon's damage cap.
  • There can also be a penalty for characters with a lower measure of Strength.


From Dexterity we derive:

Armor Class Adjustment[]

  • +1 per point.
  • This factor directly modifies a character's Armor Class.


  • +1 per point.
  • Affects the Characters movement speed, number of action points in turn-based combat, and the attack speed of most or all weapons.


From Constitution we derive:


  • +2 per point.
  • This gives us a measure of how much exertion a Character can endure before requiring rest.
  • If Fatigue reaches a level of 0 or lower, the Character will lose consciousness until Fatigue reaches 1.
  • Characters recover Fatigue at a rate proportional to their Heal Rate (see below).

Heal Rate[]

  • This modifies the rate of Health and Fatigue a character will regenerate by sleeping.
  • Fatigue also regenerates while awake, the rate based on Constitution.
  • A Heal Rate of 0 will prevent passive regeneration of Health and Fatigue.

Poison Recovery[]

  • +1 per point
  • While a character is poisoned, this derived statistic modifies the amount of Poison they will clear every few seconds.


From Beauty we derive:

Reaction Modifier[]

  • Affects the Reaction of people towards the Character.
  • This also affects merchants prices and certain dialogue.
  • A Reaction of 0 generally results in the NPC or creature attacking the player on sight.


From Willpower we derive:

Hit Points[]



From Charisma we derive:

Max Followers[]

  • The total amount of Followers that the player can have.
  • This is calculated with Charisma divided by 4, rounded down.
  • The Player is always allowed a minimum of 1 Follower.
  • Some Quest followers, summons, and mechanical creations do not count towards the cap.

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