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Dernholm is the capital of the Kingdom of Cumbria, serving as its political, religious, and cultural center.


Kingdom of Cumbria rough area

The City is found at 1237W 1650S about midway along the southern coast of Cumbria. It is marked on the player's map after accepting ONE and/or TWO of the quests in Shrouded Hills that require travel there.

City Layout[]


1 - Dolan's General Store[]

The General Store. This is also the site for pickup of Jongle's Quest

2 - Lianna Pel Dar's House[]

This is the starting point for the Maximillian Quest. Lianna also carries a unique weapon called the Sword of Baltar.

3 - Newspaper[]

The newspaper contains a story about Tarant possibly going to war with Caladon, and it is a possible quest item.

4 - Rupert's House of Well-Worn Effects[]

The Junk Dealer.

5 - Jayna Stiles' House[]

Jayna Stiles is a technological healer who is a Potential Follower.

6 - King's Inn & Pub[]


The Inn and Pub:

  • Outside the Inn by the door is a Halfling beggar who can be used for alignment adjustment.
  • The Pub area contains one Half-orc assassin, two gamblers by day, and an additional gambler by night.
  • The Pub area also contains Vollinger.

7 - Sarah Toone's House[]

She is part of the Bessie Toone Mine Quest.

8 - Wallow's Quality Armor[]

Armor shop in the city.

9 - Gladys' House[]

She is the starting point for the Ring Quest.

10 - Archibald's House[]

He is part of the Ring Quest.

11 - Bernard[]

He is also part of the Ring Quest.

12 - Barracks[]

The city's royal barracks. 

  • Here sleeps the Elite Bow Captain
    • He can train you as an expert in Prowling or Bows.
    • He patrols the town by day, but sometimes does not leave the barracks.
  • Here also sleeps Dudley Crosston

13 - Sir Garrick Stout []

14 - Palace[]

Inside you can talk to King Praetor:

The Dernholm Pits[]

15 - The Pits main entrance []

  • This is a one way entrance into the Dernholm Pits.
  • The only way to use this entrance is to insult the guards until they toss you in.

16 - Starting point to the Dernholm Pits back entrance []

DP-Start DP-Exit

  • Point 1 is the starting point. From this spot the player heads due West until they see the entrance stairwell into the ground.
    • Point 2 is the barracks which can be use for orientation.
    • Point 3 is the Dernholm Palace.
    • Point 4 is the edge of the Pits' main entrance.

The Pits[]

Dernholm Pits