Arcanum: Of Steamworks and Magick Obscura Wiki

This Skill allows the Character to disarm spotted traps. Disarm Traps is dependent upon Perception (PE).


  • Disarm traps Apprentice: The Character is unaffected by light penalties
    • Trainer: Junk Dealers
    • Trainer: Inventors
    • Trainer: Rural Blacksmiths


  • Defeats a trap without causing damage to the Character or their equipment

Modifiers to Disarm Traps[]

  • Items
    • None
  • Blessings
    • None


  • A Trap must be spotted (identified) before an attempt can be made to disarm it
  • A locked door or container will not reveal its trap until it is unlocked and an attempt is made to open it
  • Doors are not actually trapped, but the tile beneath it is, and that tile is the sprite that must be targeted
  • Party Followers may set off traps, even spotted ones, if the party is running rather than walking through a trapped area


  • Investing in this skill increases Technological Aptitude (or decreases Magickal Aptitude)
  • A Trap Springer is an alternative to the Disarm Traps Skill for containers only