An aptitude in the area allows the Character to disable traps. One must be aware of the trap's existence (via the Spot Trap Skill, or the like) before one can attempt to disarm it. This skill also allows you to arm traps as well.

  • This skill is dependent upon your Perception (PE).
  • Disarm traps Apprentice: the Character is unaffected by light penalties
    • Trained by:
      • Gunsmiths and Inventors (e.g. Geoffrey's Gears and Gadgetry in Tarant)
  • Disarm traps Expert: if the Character critically succeeds at disarming, he gets an item that is part of the trap (such as arrows or dynamite)
  • Disarm traps Master: if the Character fails (but does not critically fail) at disarming a trap, he gets a second chance
    • Trained by:

Master Quest Edit

To get master training, you just have to prove yourself to McPherson. To do that, accept the key that he gives you and then head down through the trap door in his house. You’ll find yourself in a maze of sorts, and all you’ll have to do is walk through all of the tunnels and then go back up the ladder and talk to McPherson. The traps in the maze aren’t any worse than the traps in the rest of the game, so you can simply bite the bullet and walk right through them if you have a competent healer with you. Note: When McPherson trains you he’ll also give you trapmaker spectacles (+2 dexterity, +2 perception) which are pretty nice.