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David Wit of 25 Old King’s Way has a problem. A strange creature is killing his rabbits. He asks you to investigate. Talking with Cynthia, his daughter, yields a bit more information. Wait until night and you will see Cynthia transform into a werewolf and kill the rabbits and return to her room.

Solutions :

  • You can either kill her and report back to David (he gets a tad upset about this and may attack you)
  • Let her be, and report back to David. He will ask you to find a cure (telling him that she must die isn’t really a good idea). The cure can be bought from the Master Of Morph in Tulla for 2000 gold (you could also pick pocket her or kill her for it). David will give you 1000 gold as a reward.

Editor’s note – if you are really bloodthirsty, you can kill all the rabbits yourself and then talk with David. A new batch will appear. Repeat until the area outside is covered in bloody corpses.

Another way of killing her, it to use Stasis on her and watch the rabbits beat the crap out of her. Those bunnies can be deadly when provoked :)