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The Skill of Dodge is the tendency to leap aside and avoid injury from a ranged or melee weapon, or if surprised by a non-magickal trap. Dodge level is dependent upon Dexterity (DX).


  • Dodge Apprentice: On a critical success, there is a 10% chance the opponent will critically fail
    • Trainer: Any guard in any town or city


  • Avoids being hit in combat
  • Can cause counter-damage to the attacker (See Training)
  • Avoids non-magickal trap damage

Modifiers to Dodge[]


  • A player first relies on Armor Class to see if they are hit
  • If hit, then a Dodge check is made
    • If Dodge fails, then the the player is hit as normal
    • If Dodge succeeds, then no damage is taken
    • If Dodge is a critical success, then the attacker has a chance to critically fail (See Training)


  • Dodge is independent of Armor Class and Damage Resistance
  • Dodge has no effect against Spells; each spell has its own resistance check, if applicable
  • If an attacker has Melee Mastery, then that negates all Dodge training bonuses