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Donn Throgg is a male half-orc activist found in Tarant.


Throgg is a champion of the rights of half orcs and is encouraging his kin to form unions to demand improved working conditions and a general ending of discriminatory practices. Since many businesses in Tarant are dependent on half orc labour, this would have a major effect on its economy. This has made Throgg a hated figure among the powerful business interests that control Tarant. In particular Captain Wheeler of the city guard has promised to kill Throgg.

However, he isn't without supporters. In addition to half orcs, Councilman Babcock has supported Throgg's efforts and is encouraging him to try to establish legal rights for his kin, on the strength of the claim that they are half human and therefore entitled to human rights.

Unlike many half orcs, Throgg is both highly intelligent and highly charismatic. Uniquely, the brutish cast of his face due to his heritage is described as actually making him seem more handsome and noble, increasing his appeal.