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Dossier given by Edward Willoughsby after the Lliving One is nominated ambassador in Negotiations with Caladon, it includes the points that will discussed and Willoughsby advices.


Railroads and train stations[]

There are ten important points you need to take into consideration when speaking with the King's advisors.  The first issue is the construction of a railroad in Caladon.  Of course, the Industrial Council would like to control ALL aspects of the railroads, but we understand the position of the advisors to share ownership of both the railroad and the train station.  Offer this, and see what they say.  Under NO circumstances are you to give them control over both.}

Magick within Caladon[]

The second issue involves the use of magick within Caladon.  As you know, Tarant is a very forward-thinking and technological city; wherever possible, we've controlled magick and where it is practiced.  Although Caladon is a modern city, there are members of the council who still hold on to an antiquated belief in the old ways.  Although they don't want magick users to have special priveleges, they DO want people to continue to have the freedom to practice magick.  A moderate stance on this issue is recommended.}

Bates Steam Engine Company[]

One of the more delicate issues in the negotiations will be the status of the Bates Steam Engine Company.  The advisors understand the importance of technology, and are very excited about the possibility of the Bates Company opening a factory there,  BUT, they are also concerned about the domination by Bates of their own companies, and so are leery about giving Bates trade priveleges.  You should recommend that Bates be given LIMITED trade concessions within Caladon, but not unlimited freedoms.  On the other hand, they don't want anything in the agreement that would deter the Bates Company from developing in Caladon, so be very careful about what the terms of this agreement are.}

Caladonian Military[]

The status of the Caladonian Military is a VERY important issue, both to us, and to them.  We, of course, would like a full dismantling of their military, but it would take a skilled negotiator convince them of that.  According to intelligence, the advisors would prefer that half of their military is sent to the Unified Batallions, which is in line with standard Unified Kingdom membership practices.  The advisors will be happy about this because they spend less on defense, but don't fully leave themselves vulnerable.  They DO NOT want to keep a full, standing army and navy.  Be careful when speaking of these issues...the success of the negotiations might hinge on it.}

Membership Tax[]

The Unified Kingdom membership tax is usually a closed issue.  But, considering the strength and size of Caladon, we may want to bend the rules for them.  Tarant, of course, would enjoy seeing Caladon pay an even heftier tax than anyone, but I think that moderation here will win the day.  We've been told that Caladon would enjoy a reprieve from the tax for five years, and then a reduced rate afterwards, but this may be giving too much.  Use your best judgment--if you need this issue to tip the scales in your favor, then do so.}

Caladonian Currency[]

The issue of the discontinued use of Caladonian currency is pretty well worked out.  Everyone will be happy if you propose that Caladon use her currency for another 5 years, and then switch to the Unified Gold standard.  If you feel things are going well, then maybe push for a lesser time table--perhaps 2 or 3 years, or even an immediate switch if you feel they are responding to you.  Do not allow them continued use after 5 years.  Anything beyond this would be a serious blow to the economic stability of the Unified Kingdom--its imperative that we standardize new members as soon as possible.}

Shipping routes tolls[]

The shipping routes that Caladon currently controls are of great importance to the Unified Kingdom.  They are a great source of Caladon's trading power, and they generate a lot of wealth through the use of tolls on foreign ships.  The advisors are going to want to hold on to those tolls as long as possible, and we, of course, are going to want them removed as soon as possible.  Offer them 5-10 years to continue collecting them, even from Unified Kingdom members.  Do not allow them to stay in place beyond that--it compromises the morale between other U.K. members, as well as costing them unnecessary fees.}

Labor unions[]

Labor unions are a sensitive issue.  You probably know of the problems we have in Tarant, and we're very interested in avoiding those same issues in a place like Caladon.  BUT!  There are those among the advisors who believe that the unions represent a positive step for worker's rights, so tread carefully.  I think they would be happy if labor unions were legal, but had limited operating rights in the city walls.  Only a truly skilled mediator would be able to convince them otherwise.}

Votes in the Unified Parliament[]

The issue of the number of votes Caladon will have in the Unified Parliament should be academic.  You should not, unless ABSOLUTLEY necessary, offer them anything but the standard initial 2 votes, followed by an increase to 3 votes after five years or membership.  If there was a way to limit them to 2 votes indefinitely, we would be very happy, but you'd have to speak VERY convincingly to do so.}

Grain export taxes[]

The final issue concerns the Caladonian farmers.  As you might know, Tarant is very dependent on them for grain, and they have prospered greatly because of heavy export taxes.  Caladon will want to keep this so as long as possible.  You'll have to decide what is best when dealing with this issue.  The sooner the tax is lifted, the better for Tarant.  Use this final issue as a bargaining chip if necessary.

Good luck.  I'll see you in Caladon.

Edward Willoughsby, esq.