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Edward Willoughsby is a wealthy Gnome businessman of Tarant and the Chairman of the Tarantian Industrial Council.


When the Living One first arrive in Tarant, Willoughsby will be in Caladon on important business for the Industrial Council.

After speaking with the elven queen in Qintarra, Willoughsby will be near his residence (19 Pickwick Alley) talking with Perriman Smythe; when approached he will ask to meet in his office at the City Hall.

He has many responsibilities as the Chairman of the Industrial Council and owner of many enterprises, currently his main focus are the Negotiations with Caladon for joining The Unified Kingdom.

He is also taking personal measure to alleviate criminal activity in the Boil by hiring Sebastian to deal with the problem.



He provides Master training for the Persuasion skill.


  • He has a Half-ogre bodyguard called Lorham.
  • He become uncomfortable when asked about the old King of Tarant, suggesting he was involved in his assassination and the Half-ogre conspiracy.
  • Like Lorham, Edward Willoughsby is technically a different NPC in each location he appears; Easily noticeable because he is incorrectly label as Hafling noble in his first appearance.