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  • This schematic can be purchased from Gun Smiths (3% chance per day as with other grenade schematics).

Ingredients: Flash Grenade + Large Capacitor

  • Does roughly the same amount of damage as a Molotov Cocktail, though with the electrical element.  
  • Unlike molotovs and an Explosive Grenade, these do not have any knockback. Groups of enemies can be repeatedly struck with these without getting thrown around.  
  • Requires items derived from the second schematic acquired while graduating in the Explosives Discipline plus an Expertise level of fifteen in the Explosives Discipline and an Expertise level of forty in the Electric Discipline.  
  • The Large Capacitor can be purchased from Inventors' Shops.  
  • Three items can be obtained per unit of both components. 
  • Can be sold for 200-250 gold to Gunsmiths. 

Effects: Causes electrical damage to the target in the explosion area. 

Electrocution Grenade.jpg