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The seventh schematic acquired while graduating in the Smithy discipline.

Ingredients: Feather Weight Chainmail + Dwarven Steel

  • Feather Weight Chainmail is the sixth schematic acquired while graduating in this discipline.
  • Dwarven Steel can be purchased from Dwarven smiths in Caladon and in the Wheel Clan.
  • Armors of every size can be crafted.

Effects: Use by a Magical Character increases chances of critical failure.


  • During the Tarant-Caladon Negotiation quest, after speaking to the guy in front of the Caladon Castle, head on in and you will see rows of people waiting to bribe you for the upcoming speech. The dwarf to the North side wall has a small Elite Plate on him. You can either cast Body of Stone on him to pickpocket it easier, or use a fate point to steal it right away.
    • As soon as you make your speech, the crowd disappear and Elite Platemail is no longer available (tested on the latest UAP)

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