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When you return from Qintarra, you'll find Donn Throgg holed up in the factory at 15 Ten Hands Alley. There is a bloodthirsty mob outside, headed by Captain Wheeler.

Possible Solutions

  • Talk with Captain Wheeler, offer to kill Donn Throgg (either by sneaking in the back entrance or going in through the front door).
  • Talk with Captain Wheeler, then convince Donn Throgg that the press are outside and he should make a statement. Watch him get cut down in a hail of gunfire.
  • Talk with Mr Babcock, who asks you to try and convince Donn Throgg to slip out and fight for his rights in court.
  • Talk with Mr Babcock, but then convince Donn Throgg and his companions to go on a rampage (this can be quite fun to watch, but really botches the quest)