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The fourth schematic acquired while graduating in the Mechanics discipline.

Ingredients: Pocket Watch Parts + Eyeglasses

  • Pocket Watch Parts are purchased from junk dealers and Inventors' Shops.
  • Eyeglasses are purchased from Inventors' Shops and the specialized shop in Ashbury.
  • One Eye Gear can be found on the first level of the Black Mountain Clan Mines, before the hall with the passage to the lower levels, where the first dead thief is, following the corridor on the right to the end there is a room with a Seething Mass, is inside one of the barrels.
  • Sebastian and Vollinger have an Eye Gear when you encounter him.


  • Increases Perception of two points.
  • On a magical character, depending on the magical aptitude level , gives one point or none with increasing chances of critical failure.

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