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Fate Points are part of a game mechanic which allows the player to directly affect the outcome of a situation. They are mostly earned through solving important or story-related quests, killing reputable characters, and so on.


Fate Point menu, which can be opened by pressing [F]

Uses of Fate Points[]

  • Full heal now — Restores all of the player character's Health points, Fatigue points, and cures all Poison. Can also resurrect the player, but the Fate Point window normally cannot be opened while dead.
  • Force good reaction — The next time dialogue is initiated with a character, their reaction to the player character will increase. Works only once per character.
  • Critical success on next attack — Includes called shots.
  • Critical failure on next opponent attack — Does not work against opponents with Melee Master training.
  • Save against magick — The next resistable spell (such as Stun) cast on the player character will be resisted.
  • Spell at maximum — The next cast spell will be cast as if the player character has maximum possible Magickal Aptitude.
  • Critical success at Gambling — The player character will have guaranteed success on their next Gambling attempt with a vendor. Note that you must have enough gold, that higher skill in Gambling is required for more expensive items to be gambled for, and your expertise (Apprentice, Expert, Master) determines which items a character will be willing to gamble for.
  • Critical success at Heal — Refers to the Heal skill, which is checked when using Bandages to treat wounds. Using this Fate Point will make the next Heal attempt a critical success, meaning that it will not only heal Health points but also crippled limbs and scars.
  • Critical success at Pick pocket — Makes the next attempt at pick pocketing a guaranteed success, allowing even players with no Pick Pocket skill ranks or expertise to steal useful items from other characters, especially equipped and/or heavy items which would normally be difficult to steal even with a high Pick Pocket skill.
  • Critical success at Repair — The player character's next attempt at repairing an item will be a critical success, subject to their training level. Thus an Apprentice in Repair will still lose 5% maximum durability on the item they repair, and an Expert 1%. Also note that this means that a player cannot fix broken items with a Fate Point unless they have Master training. If the attempt is made anyway then the item remains broken and the fate point is lost.
  • Critical success at Pick locks - Will open any mechanical lock. It will still trigger traps, and it does not work on magick locks.
  • Critical success at Disarm traps — If a player has Expert training then they will receive one component of the trap.

How to get Fate Points[]

  • Killing the bridge thieves (Shrouded Hills).
  • Freeing Gar from H.T. Parnell’s (Tarant) and then having him leave your party.
  • Killing the Schuylers with Magnus (Tarant). (Exhaust the conversation tree with the Schuylers, and then agree to make a deal with them. When Magnus objects, ask him to think about it, then agree to attack. When you kill the Schuylers you'll gain a fate point.)
  • Entering the Bates mansion through the tunnels (Tarant).
  • Killing Gilbert Bates (Tarant).
  • Delivering Gilbert Bates’ journal to Cedric Appleby (Tarant).
  • Convincing Donn Throgg to work with Councilman Babcock (Tarant).
  • Convincing Donn Throgg to attack Captain Wheeler (Tarant).
  • Killing Donn Throgg (Tarant). (2 Fate Points)
  • Refusing master firearms training from William Thorndop after killing the Willenbecker gang (Ashbury).
  • Convincing Loghaire to end his exile (Wheel Clan).
  • Curing Adkin Chambers of blindness (Stillwater).
  • Killing everyone in Stillwater (Stillwater). (To complete a quest given in T'sen-Ang)
  • Discovering the journal on Half-ogre Island (Caladon).
  • Discovering the journal of St. Mannox and relating its contents to Alexander (Caladon).
  • Curing Cynthia Wit of lycanthropy (Caladon).
  • Assassinating King Farad for Heinrich Jenks (Caladon).
  • Repairing the Altar to Halcyon (Vooriden).
  • Solving Wrath’s “murder” (Qintarra).
  • Stealing the idol at Kree without killing anybody (Kree). (To complete a quest given in Tarant)