Fatigue is a secondary stat; it serves as a measure of a character's stamina. If a character's fatigue meter depletes entirely, they will collapse until enough has replenished that the number of points is above zero; it is possible to have a negative number of points.

Fatigue is used to cast spells. When a character is attacked, their fatigue will deplete in addition to their health. It is therefore beneficial to avoid damage not only for health reasons, but to retain as much fatigue as possible to use on spells.

Note: this page is a work in progress. More information regarding items will be added.

Increasing fatigueEdit

Investing level-up points into certain stats influences the amount of fatigue a character can draw upon, as well as how quickly fatigue regenerates:

  • Constitution (CN): investing one level-up point into CN increases the number of fatigue points (+2). Increasing CN also increases the fatigue recovery rate: at 8 CN, 3 fatigue points regenerate every 10 seconds; at 17 CN, 6 fatigue points regenerate every 10 seconds (this is the highest regen rate possible).
  • Willpower (WP): investing one level-up point into WP increases the number of fatigue points (+1). Willpower is necessary to learn many spells, so if playing as a spell caster it may be worth spending points into regardless of its low fatigue point increase.
  • Investing one point directly into fatigue increases it (+4).
  • Upon leveling up, fatigue automatically increases (+2).

There are a few consumable items that can quickly replenish fatigue or decrease the rate at which it depletes:

A few items can affect a character's fatigue:

  • Amulet of N'Tala - provides +1 CN, which increases regen rate; also adds +1 ST.
  • Ring of Virility - information needed.
  • More to be added. Work in progress.