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"Kietzel Pierce fears that his student, Dudley Crosston, has gotten into trouble. If you see Dudley, you should tell him that Pierce has gone to Caladon, and to meet him there."


Black Root []

  • Kietzel Pierce can be found in Black Root at one of the local pubs
  • Talking with him reveals that he is the Bow Master
  • He further reveals that one of his students, Dudley Crosston, has gone missing while questing for him
  • He also states that he is leaving for Caladon, and so he can neither search nor wait for Dudley
  • Kietzel asks the player that if they come across Dudley, to please let Dudley know where Kietzel has gone

Dernholm []

  • Dudley Crosston can be found in Dernholm, now training in service with King Praetor's Guards
  • He is quartered at the local barracks at night
  • By day he patrols the city's southeast quadrant
  • He can be initially be identified as one of the Elite Bow Guards
  • Talking to him reveals that he no longer wishes to train under Kietzal, and that he will remain in Dernholm

Caladon []

  • Kietzel can be found in Caladon at the desk of the Mushroom Inn by day
  • At night he is at the bar of The Toadstool
  • Informing Kietzal of Dudley's whereabouts and intentions grants the player a reward of 1700 exp


  • This quest is found in the "rumor" tab of the player's logbook, rather than in the "quest" tab
  • If the player has expert training in Bow when he talks to Kietzal in Black Root, then this quest can be done concurrently with the Bow Mastery Quest
  • Otherwise the Mastery Quest cannot be started until reaching Caladon, and talking to Kietzal a second time
  • And since access to Caladon is only available later in the game, it can be advantageous to get expert training in Bow BEFORE taking the Dudley quest if Bow Mastery is desired, or simply if the player wishes to get the Bow of Ecclesiastes early