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Talk to Richard Leeks, the blacksmith of Stillwater, about Stillwater blades and ask him if he enchants them himself. He will tell you a hedgewizard called Cyrus does it for him, after which he asks you what day it is. When you tell him, he realises Cyrus is late for a delivery and asks you to go investigate.


  • Richard Leeks tells you Cyrus lives on the edge of town, in the Northwest. In townmap, you can see half of the house.
  • Arriving at the house you realise something is wrong. The house is full of puddles of blood and it looks like there has been a struggle.
  • Investigate outside. You'll notice footprints leading away from the house. Follow them.
  • The prints disappear every now and then where the snow has melted, but they continue on the next patch of snow. Keep following them until you reach a cave.
  • In the cave you'll find Cyrus in a cage and some loot and bones lying around. Cyrus will prompt a conversation when you approach the cage and tell you an ogre called Drog Black Tooth means to make him into a soup.
  • Drog begins to approach the cage room when you finish the conversation so there is no way out except to fight him. He is level 30, has tough melee attacks and an annoyingly high dodge but has no armor so with a good melee or magic attack shouldn't be impossible. You'll find a key on him.
  • Open the cage and talk to cyrus inside. He'll run off back to Stillwater and you can collect the loot lying on the ground. Fast travel back to tell Richard Leeks the good news.
  • He'll reward you with a Stillwater blade and some XP. Unfortunately Cyrus is nowhere to be found.


  • 4200 XP
  • Stillwater Blade