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This is the Melee Master Training Quest, and part of a possible Chain Quest for the Adkin Chambers and Sir Garrick Stout saga.

Path 2, Melee Mastery only[]

This path is for players who only desire Melee Mastery. However they may still obtain Dodge Mastery later (see path 3)

  • Seek out Sir Garrick Stout in Dernholm
  • Accept his quest to Find Lady Druella with an offer of marriage and return her to Dernholm
  • The offer comes with a bribe of a potion to restore the sight of the blinded Adkin Chambers
  • Go to the Gyr Dolours' lair which Stout marked on your map
  • Rescue Lady Druella without her being killed
  • You can convince Druella to return if you tell her (lie or the truth) that you will kill Stout as soon as he provides the Potion
  • Return to Dernholm and present Druella to Stout
  • Stout will then give Druella the Potion; and your reward is Master Training and 8,500 xp